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I joined this crazy place on 2010-02-05, 12 years ago.

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Know where to get a ferret? - 10 years ago

Look what I found! http://www.ramsteinyardsales.com/item24554040.html?itemId=24554040&src=SEARCH

Know where to get a ferret? - 10 years ago

It's like a Home Depot. They have an area in the store with pet supplies, fishes, rabbits etc etc. They don't have a Hela over in Ramstein? O_o

Know where to get a ferret? - 10 years ago

I love ferrets!!! XD they make cute squeaky noises lol.

Know where to get a ferret? - 10 years ago

I was lucky to find my ferrets from the classifieds. But when we were looking for some we went to the Hela and they told us that they can order one for you. It's takes about a week. The bad thing is y...

boobies - 10 years ago

Umm that seems very expensive. I've had a lot of friends and family back home get them done and the highest i have seen was $6,000.

Lost Dog - 10 years ago

Is it bad that i like to take melons/oranges and make helmets out of them for my cat? Like this?

WoW Cards - 10 years ago

Yea. Got bored with Cata as well =/ I did hear there was a new thing where you can group with friends in other realms O_o kinda tempting.

Whats goin on with yarldsales - 10 years ago

Can't get on some UG's as well.

Elmendorf-Richardson - 10 years ago

Anyone ever been stationed there? We are PCSing there in a few months just want to know what it's like =) The Do's-Don'ts etc etc. I know the first thing that probably comes to mind is OMG snow but ye...

CHILI'S - 11 years ago

I never had a prob with Chili's =) Mac Grill on the other hand...NASTY stuff! Their pasta is soaked in oil. My tummy usually ends up upset and the last time i went there i upchucked about 20 min after...

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