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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-05, 13 years ago.

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Teppichhaus Ramin review - 11 years ago

I forgot to come back in, but they did a fantastic job on my carpet!! They also did some repair work where the binding was coming loose on one side. They ended up replacing the binding on both sides...

Thieving cleaners - 11 years ago

I left the cleaners alone in our house while they were doing our place. Everything was cleaned out of the place, though. Why would you leave something of value out around people you don't know? Cra...

Getting Tazed in my own home! (okay, static problem) - 11 years ago

Those do work, balboa!

boobies - 11 years ago

Yep, what Mojo said... your paying out of pocket does not make you untouchable on the list. You will still get bumped for someone with a more serious issue. Glad you found a civillian doc. My frien...

boobies - 11 years ago

I posted my friend's doc in another thread on implants. Yes, Tricare will cover REDUCTIONS, but as someone else said, they won't cover enhancement unless there is a good reason, like reconstruction a...

Landstuhl Hotels - 11 years ago

When higher ups in my husband's unit come, they stay at Hotel Christine. Seems to be pretty nice.

Cannibal in paradise - 11 years ago

lol @ cannabis in paradise. Sounds like that Robin Williams movie that took place in the carribean.

Giving thanks - 11 years ago

I don't personally know of anyone who would call a rapper who sings about killing cops a hero, but maybe that's just my circle of friends. If you do, I'd reconsider the people I hang out with, lol.

Speed Trap - 11 years ago

I saw pictures of the cameras they are building into the guard rails, sneaky buggers. I haven't seen any around here, though.

Cannibal in paradise - 11 years ago

When my grandmother served in New Guinea during WWII there were still cannibalistic tribes there. They weren't allowed to go anywhere by themselves, just in case.

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