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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-07, 11 years ago.

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HELP! Advice Needed. - 9 years ago

Great story.... Yeah you might as well tell her that her kid is the devil. I mean if the choice is to completly ignore her or just be honest and possibly helpful then you should. After you have a smal...

5 year Rule - 9 years ago

The good-ol-boy buddybuddy system has completely taken over the hirng, promotion and position justification...anyone who disagrees is a damn liar. It may be bad for some employee's stability but the s...

Weird situtation - shipping a car - any ideas? - 9 years ago

Go to the transportation office but be sure to have a copy of their PCS orders. They will need to verify entitlment for shipment and prep all the documents for you. You'll also want to talk with vehic...

This house for rent... - 9 years ago

[i]It's just a rant because this just wasn't fair! Couldn't I have been given the courtesy to at least get a "no"? Ughhh! [/i] lol, WASN'T FAIR, you are too funny. Welcome to Germany!!! we were al...

Personal training - 9 years ago

Heck for the longest they still had "Jerome Favors International Trainers" (JFIT) banners up inside the gym. Maybe they are still there by the stairs. I PCSed a few months ago and they were still ther...

Personal training - 9 years ago

Glad to hear the SSFC isn't still telling folks that JFIT classes would be resuming soon. My first class I attended was also the last class Jerome (JFIT) conducted in October 2010. Gym staff gave me t...

Command email address - 10 years ago

yeah I know the deal, but at the moment that is beside the point...still waiting for an email here

Command email address - 10 years ago

Can someone PM me a command level or CMsgt email or POC on Ramstein. I sold my car to a douchebag Airman before I left and he was supposed to pay the remainder by allotment. I am not really hurting fo...

Moving notice to landlord? - 11 years ago

The term is 30 days, the form that landlords have to sihn justifies a military clause. You should look at the lease you signed. The housing office has a templated form for giving your landlord notice ...

Soul Food Lunch - Kleber? - 11 years ago

Over rated...but when you're going let me know and we can have lunch. I can see the DFAC out my office window.

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