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I joined this crazy place on 2010-12-17, 11 years ago.

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Stationed in GE since May 09 Single Female Born n' raised in South Louisiana GEAUX SAINTS!

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Just got an assignment to Andrews - 10 years ago

Hey look up Lt Col Jill Metzger while you're there...she'll be on the Global as Jill Mayo...the biggest farce of an AF Officer out there. Google her name under Maj Jill Metzger and her farce of a "ki...

GK Airfreight Service (for pet shipping) - 10 years ago

Where are you going Emma? I am currently in Australia and have to ship my pets from Germany...hopefully they'll be on a plane on the 14th of this month and have to do a mandatory 30 day stint in quar...

This house for rent... - 10 years ago

What's the property manager's name? She sounds like my last property manager who is holding back my deposit despite what the Housing Office and Legal has told her. I may have to actually file a laws...

Warning! Attention! - 10 years ago

Someone should figure out a way to blacklist her...I was watching her various scams from baby clothes, toys and other household items for over 2 1/2 years...she just keeps changing her profile name on...

trouble with landlords - 10 years ago

For those of you that weighed in on my landlord withholding my deposit after I PCS'd to Australia an update. I scanned and emailed the USAFE Form 333a (your final walk through paperwork) signed by my...

Landlord withholding security deposit...need help! - 10 years ago

Am Active Duty AF working as an Exchange Officer in Australia. Does anyone have the email address to either the German Legal Office at Ramstein or the Housing Office at Ramstein....would be much appr...

Landlord withholding security deposit...need help! - 10 years ago

Cloudless - they're enormous prawns but are from Thailand and I try not to get them by buying Aussie. Sorry, had lots of issues with this landlord and it's a matter of principle now to fight for my r...

Landlord withholding security deposit...need help! - 10 years ago

Lovecheese, Do you have the legal reference that states that? I understand that notification of denial of repayment of security deposit varies from state to state in Germany.

Landlord withholding security deposit...need help! - 10 years ago

Bookworm, I have the final document signed on my walkthrough with the Property Manager..landlord is 87 and lives in San Antonio, TX. She verbally told me I'd get my deposit back in full. My probl...

Landlord withholding security deposit...need help! - 10 years ago

Ok, I moved out of my rental home in Landstuhl on 1 May. I performed property walkthrough with Propery Mgr and she signed off on the paperwork and also verbally told me that I'd receive my entire sec...

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