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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-13, 11 years ago.

» save maxnix as my FRIEND - HOSER

Follow your dreams and your a winner; follow your faults and don't learn from them.. you'll be a failure.

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If you could be Commander for the Day.... What rule would you implement or change? - 11 years ago

Here's one for books. How about a ONE DAY no sale moratorium for all alcohol beverages and sales at commissary, exchanges, clubs or restaurants on base to include all services in the region. National ...

Another AAFES Venting - 11 years ago

Chalk up another Wiener for AAFES. And those of you who want AAFES and commissary to merge. Yeah, maybe one day the commissary people will accept car tires as a return item at the commissary. Stupidt...

Harassing emails on RYS - 11 years ago

If Adam from RYS says stop it what part of deaf are you?

Once again it is on! - 11 years ago

I have to agree with you very much. They are probably the one's that lounge around like beached seal, sloppy, unattending to their spouse and taking care of their needs like basic stuff like cooking a...

What is happening? - 11 years ago

No. no doddle. I was saying there are others on here that will comment and call u out about tense usage. Sorry for misunderstanding.

Waitress on base? - 11 years ago

Now, I couldn't agree more in what you said about the health food that is served in German Restaurants. See, I'm that bad and I do know how to agree with some things.

What is happening? - 11 years ago

Oh yea MAD; Joftaa, just because he got voted off from being a MOD, now he doesn't want to be part of the group. Great chipper off the old block. You can't everything you want. And the way he was mani...

What is happening? - 11 years ago

Oh doddle... its more than just grammatical mistakes, you have those here you want to give their version of present tense and past tense comments.

What is happening? - 11 years ago

I dont agree. There are too many "INDIVIDUALS" who think it's all about them and they know the ropes for this area, military or a particular situation. Let one voice there replies so long as it's clea...

Waitress on base? - 11 years ago

[i]And by the way you can order water from the faucet it is called Leitungswasser and it is free[/i] BTW, it is at the option of the restaurant to serve this water. Again, if you don't like the opti...

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