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I joined this crazy place on 2011-10-21, 10 years ago.

» save Drew66879 as my FRIEND - HOSER

Retired Military working for the governmnet and living in the KMC.

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Volksmarching - 7 years ago

Is anyone interested in Volksmarching in the Ramstein area?

Drivers Licesnce Dilema - 7 years ago

OK imhere, I think you are taking this personal responsibility thing just a little too far! :)

Sooooo - 7 years ago

No mod? eh gads. I just got to busy and left for a while. Used to have a good bater of topics going. Guess I will head back to fetlife and craig's list :P

Sooooo - 7 years ago

Where did everyone go?

Drivers Licesnce Dilema - 7 years ago

Several things you can do. One, if your are military you should research as some states give no expiration date to active mil. Second, many states allow renewal via internet for overseas deployed me...

Vehicle Inspections - 9 years ago

My car failed for the rear turn signals not being yellow enough. Kept my mouth shut, drove off post and bought two new bulbs and returned. Picky, sure but have any of you been through a TUV inspection...

Is this a joke???? - 9 years ago

I guess I should feel lucky that I dont care. Kinda like buying and selling carbon credits. Speninding a lot of money for something that intangable. But as was said, supply and demand... P.T.Barnum ...

Commissary Closures Stateside - 9 years ago

I will be hit hard by Sequestration. I would not mind it but the leaders are still spending as if we were still rolling in GWOT monies. I shop at the commissary but only for very few things. I get a ...

Switched to Canadian Forces Network - 9 years ago

AFN used to provide real-time info. It has not been very useful for quite a long time. It has become fully integrated like AFN TV. Why even move to Germany if you are going to stay in and watch Ameri...

Sauna or Spa - 10 years ago

Wonderful!!! Thanks I will check it out.

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