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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-14, 10 years ago.

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Ramstein Gas Station - 9 years ago

fifthwhale - You're a professional vehicle driver - why should anyone care what you have to say about anything? You're labor. The kids who fall asleep in school and knock up Tammy at age 16 - ...

Landsthul Thrift Shop Consignors - 9 years ago

What types of things were you selling? Was the resale more than $100? Perhaps instead of selling your junk to make a buck you should try investing that effort into earning money via hard work. ...

Becoming a teacher? - 9 years ago

Uhm, sorry the books are closed to people around these parts. We don't need any new moo cows stealing our jobs. lol all the way to the bank. Thanks for the GS-12 equivalent!

looking to sue telekom - 9 years ago

lol get a life. Really? You, keeper of the commissary coupons, are going to sue a billion dollar multi-national corporation? Why? Did they say Garret could have an iPhone for tots and then g...

PROPOSAL: Remove Blueser oO as moderator - 9 years ago

I will take her place.

Housing Help - 9 years ago

If she sells you have 90 days by law - what's the problem? Are you suggesting the landlord is somehow doing you wrong by selling the property he or she owns? What would you like to do about this? ...

Help! I owe Buchbinder $11,000!!! - 9 years ago

Don't pay. What are they going to do, deport you?

Watch out for landlords! - 9 years ago

Whatever you say man. Mine is nearly paid off courtesy of Uncle Sam. Thanks for the free house taxpayers!

Watch out for landlords! - 9 years ago

LOL Sam, you rent? Haven't you been here for 50 years?

Home Birth - 9 years ago

Homebirth is yet another in a long line of "look at me" activities for the hipster generation. Just do it at a hospital like everyone else you creep. Your little Garret or Phoebe isn't that special...

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