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I joined this crazy place on 2012-08-23, 9 years ago.

» save Onagi as my FRIEND - HOSER

O'nagi = full awareness of yourself and your surroundings. A "state of mind" I would like to achieve someday.... :)

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Anyone familiar with the "Greenbrier Resort", and what is underneath it? - 9 years ago

Just google it...it's in WV and about 5+ hours from Washington DC

Who the hell should I vote for this year? - 9 years ago

I kind of like the Mayor of London...

God Promised Men - 9 years ago

Thanks for the insight Dogtrainer. Yeah man, a289... you are def a troll. You admit it yourself on several occasions. Which brings me to the subject of tolerance. [i]Tolerance or toleration a fair,...

Anyone familiar with the "Greenbrier Resort", and what is underneath it? - 9 years ago

I hear you mitchell - If we can imagine it, we can (at some point in time) make it a reality. What interested me most was is who thinks that kind of stuff up and then gets the money to make it happen....

Anyone familiar with the "Greenbrier Resort", and what is underneath it? - 9 years ago

Just learned of this story and I was wondering if anyone has heard about it or perhaps been there? Also, what went through your mind when you first learned something like this even existed? Talking ab...

~Sunday Music~ - 9 years ago

Hey Thanks - that was really nice of you. Just heard it for the first time about six months ago. He always had strange(r) videos.

God Promised Men - 9 years ago

JustM4E - yeah I can appreciate his humor 2. Not so sure about being a good guy for religious discussion. I feel like I am just making into heaven by the skin of my teeth. Very difficult to get me to ...

~Sunday Music~ - 9 years ago

On second thought...not part of this group. I just like the song and some of his other stuff

~Sunday Music~ - 9 years ago

JustM4E - very nice selection. I like almost all of the songs (respect I do them all). Can you post "Games without frontiers"? Somehow I feel it would fit into this collection...

5 year Rule - 9 years ago

Thanks & good attitude (regarding this issue and how it may affect you :)

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