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Lonestar Tattooz Kaiserslautern - 3 years ago by a3113920uu - Reply

Hey Folks

Texas Tattoo Artist Looking for Fresh skin to puncture...

Who wants new, reasonable ink

Lonestar Tattooz Kaiserslautern, I got time ...and ink

Hello.😊 - 5 years ago by daisy - Reply

Anybody still here?

Bitmain Antminer S9/Samsung S9/S9+/Apple Iphone X 256GB/GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Cards - 5 years ago by dunn213 - Reply


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What is the best way to find a fully-furnished and air-conditioned TLA apartment ? - 6 years ago by zedude - Reply

I would like to know where I could find a fully-furnished and air-conditioned apartment in the Ramstein area please.

Off limits List - 6 years ago by a4466617uu - Reply

Where can I find this?

Help - 6 years ago by a4466617uu - Reply

Who can help finance buying a home here in Germany?

Buying a house - 6 years ago by a4466617uu - Reply

It seems there is a firm in Landstuhl which helps Americans... has anyone had any negative dealings with them?

Mitchell Consulting - 6 years ago by a4466617uu - Reply

Has anyone out there had negative dealings with this firm in Landstuhl?

Occupational Therapist / Ergotherapeut WANTED!!! Ramstein,Spangdahlem - 6 years ago by TILJ - Reply

Occupational Therapist Wanted !!!

If YOU are an occupational therapist and would like to join a dedicated and professional team of therapists, servicing the KMC, Ramstein and Spangdahlem military community ,
we are looking forward for YOU to contact us.

We can offer YOU a job with flexible hours in multiple locations in our offices in Ramstein and/or Spangdahlem.

Contact us via bookoo message or e-mail to et-lieblang-ot@hotmail.de

you will find us on facebook :


and we will get back to YOU as soon as possible.

Ergotherapeut gesucht !!!

Wenn DU ein Ergotherapeut/in bist und Interesse an Anstellung und professioneller Zusammenarbeit in einem internationalen Team, einer privaten Praxis hast, freuen wir uns von DIR zu hören.

Bewerbung an :

Ergotherapie Lieblang
John-F-Kennedy Platz 8
66877 Ramstein
Tel: 06371 5608093

looking for a Female to talk with, for friendship an pass time - 6 years ago by unsureanymore - Reply

I'm a Male that is very bored. Just needing a Female to have a nice conversation with. Not looking to cause any marriage trouble. Just bored an all alone.

how to get a German lawyer blacklisted if he or she is listed as an English speaking lawyer - 6 years ago by notthisami - Reply

I witnessed a German lawyer attempt to defraud an American, threaten them and misrepresent the German law. This person also assisted their client in making fraudulent documents as well as a fraudulent housing inspection sheet under false pretenses. I am still concerned about unsuspecting Americans being sent to this person as housing as well as other entities are protecting this person. This law practice is even listed as an English speaking lawyer for property and landlord tenant law at the legal office on base. However, I have written proof that this lawyer has done questionable and unethical things. But, dont know what to do with this information. I am afraid that if I dont do something, this law practice will be able to continue to defraud Americans because most dont know the German law. Does anyone know if it is possible to report this lawyer in order to prevent more fraud and deception? I mean a place to report it where the report will be taken seriously and not fall on deaf ears. If I report it to another German agency or housing, they will protect this person. If someone could hook me up with a good effective contact, I would appreciate it. Thank you

Merry Christmas ?? - 6 years ago by daisy - Reply

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas ,yes..to all you lurkers out there ...it's dead in here now but I thought I come back and send you my Christmas Greetings..enjoy wherever you are??

Eyebrow shaping near Ramstein - 7 years ago by a5947968uu - Reply

Just PCSed in to Ramstein and getting to know the area. I am looking for a higher end spa with a great aesthetician for eyebrow shaping.

The spa at the KMCC at Ramstein looks OK for nails (reviews welcome) -- any good for waxing services too? Other suggestions appreciated!

Consignment or Ebay shop - 7 years ago by a3433183uu - Reply

Looking for local store that will sell my items to ebay and collect a commission fee for their work. These are nice items to include china, crystal and furniture. Alternatively a store that will buy my items as a lot and give me a decent price. Any ideas appreciated.

Convert car to US specs. - 7 years ago by a3433183uu - Reply

Would like to convert german mercedes to California specs. Would love some info on who has done this and their experience. Thanks

How do I set up internet? - 7 years ago by notthisami - Reply

You are just getting here and you need internet service. How long are you going to be here? This is important because if you sign most phone contracts in Germany, you are stuck for two years! If you have to quit before that time, you have to pay the rest of the contract amount. In other words, you could be here for 1 year and get PCS'd back to the states before the 2 year minimum is up and have to pay your phone bills for the entire next year even if you wont be here. Of course, some phone companies here have made exceptions if you have orders back to the states. This is not the norm in Germany since it is law. You can try TKS on base where the PX is and get a contract. They speak English and are here to support the US forces here. You can get a monthly agreement but not be held to the 2 year contract. Go to TKS.com. If you want to change your service you could always cancel TKS and go off base once you learn your surroundings in Germany. Good luck!

Mobel Martin Rug/Carpet Price Honest or dishonest? - 7 years ago by notthisami - Reply

Its hard to say since this guy could have been trying to make a sale and fed you a load of garbage! I dont really know that much about Mobil Martin and you cant trust what the salesmen say because they'll never admit that you were ripped off! I would do my own research and see if you can get an independent person without any personal interest to take a look at your carpet and see if it is authentic.

How do I set up internet? - 7 years ago by a4955888uu - Reply

Do you already have a contract with an Internet provider?

How do I set up internet? - 7 years ago by JustTryingToStart - Reply


New and I am finding that a lot of things are not well explained. I am living off base (shortly) and I would like to get the internet set up now as I heard it can take some time.

Where do I go? Who do I call? What is the first step?

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

logistical support for full time college students/veterans - 7 years ago by notthisami - Reply

Does anyone know whether or not I could get logistical support if I decide to become a full time student and attend classes on base? I heard a rumor that the VA has been starting to fight for Veterans receiving logistical support while enrolled as a full time student. Is this just a rumor or can I actually do this? Any answers would be appreciated. I really hope the rumor is true in this case as I would like to pursue a masters in legal studies. Since my inlaws are getting older, we cannot just leave Germany yet and go back to the states! Thanks for your help

German driver's license? - 7 years ago by nathanb - Reply

I am PCSing to Germany soon and want to get my driver's license there. Does anyone know of a good site where I can practice the test? I heard it's not easy... Thx!!

Looking for a new mobile phone? - 7 years ago by daisy - Reply

Thank you for your advice a4648486uu:)....and Nomen Nescio..of course there is always more important things going on...;p

Looking for a new mobile phone? - 7 years ago by Nomen Nescio - Reply

Daisy, we're still here. It just seems like more important things are going on right now...

Looking for a new mobile phone? - 7 years ago by a4648486uu - Reply

Get a Samsung with an Android OS.

Looking for a new mobile phone? - 8 years ago by daisy - Reply

I am tired of my I-phone,,nothing works properly..any suggestions,if anybody is still out here?;)

diet pills - 8 years ago by a2832807uu - Reply

Did somebody try or hear about a diet pill call Skinny Fiber? Please any information or comment will help.

where oh where has good customer service gone?! - 8 years ago by notthisami - Reply

I went to the Takko fashion store in Landstuhl the other day just to browse around and do some shopping. I should've known something was wrong when I came upon a store that was practically empty and I know exactly why!
I went in and overheard these two Takko fashion employees making all of these prejudice statements about Americans right in front of my face and looking right at me. At first I had my arm full of clothes and tried staring back at them to let them know I that know what they are talking about and they just laughed and stared back at me! And before the predictable statements come in, yes I did understand everything that was said and no I didn't misunderstand!
I didn't say anything but put my whole arm full of clothes back on the rack and walked out! I will not go into that store again! I understand that maybe the Americans are not everyone's favorite people, but where has the professionalism and civil customer service gone? Why is it that I have to put up with prejudice ignorance all the time when all I wanted to do was do a little shopping? I really dont give a crap about what they think, but at the same time all I want is to be able to go into a shop and be treated in a civil manner. When I go shopping I dont give a crap about stupid politics! Is is too much to ask for to be able to do a little shopping without any problems? I dont know about anyone else, but I don't have time for that prejudice garbage nor will I put up with it. I don't want to hear it when I go into a business to spend money. So, I choose not to give this business any support! I hope you agree with me that everyone should be able to go somewhere and be treated in a respectful civil manner no matter where they come from or who they are. If not, ok I was just putting it out there. If you dont agree, please don't waste your key strokes with negative comments, because you won't get the time of day from me... If you agree then please feel free to tell as many people as you can.. Thanks

K in Lautern - 8 years ago by notthisami - Reply

check out primark! Their prices are great for clothes and accessories for the family..

K in Lautern - 8 years ago by Cara fanciulla - Reply

And the Vapiano Restaurant across the street has had my business a couple of times now.

K in Lautern - 8 years ago by Cara fanciulla - Reply

Who has checked out the new downtown mall?? Likes? Dislikes?
Lots of Shops selling lots of the same items, but competition and pricing seems to be fair. WHERE IS THE STARBUCKS??!! I do like the variety of Food vendors in the Restaurant Areas.

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