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Starting a home based business in Germany

who's talking here?

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anne --- 11 years ago -

lol no i mean just be happy for ppl and quit trying to cause trouble cos at the end of the day you arent putting youreslf in a very goodlight. 

smack4u --- 11 years ago -

Stupid is as to what Stupid does.
Let's all shut up and get on with our own stupid lives. 

Smiles --- 11 years ago -

Stupid is as to what Stupid does.
Let's all shut up and get on with our own stupid lives. 

wow you must like the word stupid lol be a little nicer, and keep in mind everyone Is entitled to their own opinions 

smack4u --- 11 years ago -

wow you must like the word stupid lol be a little nicer, and keep in mind everyone Is entitled to their own opinions
Opinions are one thinking.... but
b!tching and complaining like to no end especiallly when it's about rules and regulations in a country where we are guest. Not kosher. Isn't that what we expect when foreigners come to our country and set up military bases.
Oh wait a minute, how many foreign countries have military bases in the states. 

Nicksdad --- 11 years ago -

I can think of one. Not an entire base maybe but still... 

Ms Asia --- 11 years ago -

there are also lots of student pilots at Air Force training facilities... maybe not just the air force even, and my, they complain a lot! 

GaryKenyon --- 11 years ago -

I love finding these HHB folks who are willing to break the rules, and admit it.

From: "******@yahoo.com" To: "********@yahoo.com"
Sent: Mon, May 16, 2011 3:17:28 PM
Subject: Personal Site Request for Information

The following person has submitted an email from your Personal Web Site:

Name: ****** *******
Email: *******@yahoo.com
Day Phone: -
Evening Phone: -
Best Time to call: Email only
Address: AL

This person is interested in the following matters:

How they learned about PartyLite:

Best time to contact:
Email only

Comments or message:
My husband is a British national working for NATO and I have seen the shipping for costs for international shipping. I was wondering, if I order from you, could you have it sent to your APO box and I can meet you somewhere to pick it up? I will even consider paying you extra for this.

Thank you,

From: betty ****

To: ****** *****

Sent: Wed, May 18, 2011 11:17:32 AM
Subject: Re: Personal Site Request for Information

Hello ******,

Yes, no problem. I attached for you the Guests Offer for May in case you like something. Here are things which are 60-70% off, old stuff not available anymore. This you can use only with a party and I just had a party which I am going to close on Friday. Also if you purchase things in total of $40 you can buy something else with 50% off.

If you have any questions let me know.

Betty ****
Independent PartyLite Consultant
Phone: 0176******** 

Mojo --- 11 years ago -


smack4u --- 11 years ago -

@nick... Big Big difference between establishing a small aircraft squadron on a existing American AFB on american soil then establishing a "Big America" forward deployed base and bases throughout Europe and Asia. Totally different. Try again. 

anne --- 11 years ago -

goodness . i think this topic was put to bed. i mean if ppl want to have a buisness then thats up to them if they follow the rules or not. at the end of the day life is too short to be finding fault with ppl you dont even know. move on with your lives and let other ppl do the same. 

Trick37MP --- 7 years ago -

This whole subject has nothing to do with Army regs vs Air Force regs, etc. It's all encompassed in the NATO SOFA agreement, which trumps any basic military regulation.

I would suggest these regulations:

---AE 550-175 (Tri-Service Reg, and main Customs reg, which incorporates other regs into it)
---AE 600-700 (incorporated through the 550)
---AE 210-70 (incorporated through the 550)
---AFI AE 600-702 (incorporated through the 550)
---600-17 (tri-service)

The 550 incorporates other regs into it.

Bottom line is that Home-Based Businesses MUST be registered, and the APO and POV (and tax-free fuel) may NOT be used for the Home-Based Business (you MUST use the German mail and a German-registered vehicle). 

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