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BEWARE of Autohaus Schneider (Subaru Dealer)

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Tanya --- 12 years ago -

Autohaus Schneider is the primary Subaru dealership in this area, it is located at Hauptstr. 2a, 66882 Hütschenhausen. The owner, Hermann Schneider, and his staff are liars and thieves!!! Take your Subaru anywhere but to this dealer.

I took my Impreza in to identify a still unknown transmission issue. I provided receipts with explanations of all the mechanical work that had been done on the car in the past 2 months by another German mechanic. The explanation was in German, so no way he couldn't understand it unless he is illiterate. Schneider kept my car for more than a week. After repeated calls to him to inquire about the status of the car and getting the run around I decided to just get my car. I was repeatedly assured by his receptionist that there would be no charges or work done on the car until they told me what they were doing and how much it would cost. When I arrived to pick up my car today they presented me with a ridiculous bill for services duplicating what had already been provided by my previous mechanic, and refused to give me my car or keys if I did not pay. To add insult to injury when I got my car back the gas tank was empty, despite the fact that when I dropped it off it had half a tank of gas.

BEWARE of Autohaus Schneider, they are liars and thieves!!  

ashml --- 12 years ago -

i would take it to a lawyer 

Annette --- 12 years ago -

you have got to take a lawyer , leagal might be a good place to start but be prepared to take it further. do you have the receipts back from the former mecanic? also you might want to bring it somewhere to find out if something was really done
did you get any old parts back in case something was replaced? 

Euro Maker --- 12 years ago -

Aside from the used fuel, did they mark down the mileage when the car was first taken to them? If so, how many miles did they drive the car for?

If they were checking for a transmission problem, there is a reasonable amount of driving that needs to be done, but 1/2 tank seems extreme. 

Mojo --- 12 years ago -

Are you sure they understood? There is a language barrier. 

Tanya --- 12 years ago -

I have an appointment with legal in 2 weeks and contacted USAA to dispute the charges. They (and I) did not make note of the mileage. I do have all the receipts back from my previous mechanic plus the receipt from Schneider showing that he did exactly the same thing that was done before.

I am pretty sure there was no language barrier. I was very specific when I dropped off the car and every time I called that they should not do anything that was done before and they should not do anything without calling to get my authorization first. In addition, the receipts from the other mechanic were in German, so no barrier there. 

Annette --- 12 years ago -

idiots like that give germans a bad name .i hope you get him good with a lawyer. 

yeah yeah --- 12 years ago -

wow..kind of scarey to get your car done off base...One lesson learned though, which I would never have thought to do. Write down my mileage...good thing to know and do 

Mojo --- 12 years ago -

You know, I never realized but the dealerships where I've taken my car always want the mileage written down when I drop off. That's good to know. 

Tanya --- 12 years ago -

Off base isn't so scary. I am really happy with Autohaus Lugo, they are my regular mechanics, they are reasonably priced and reliable. Unfortunately despite several attempts they could not figure out what was up with my car. I only went to the dealership because I thought they might have an inside track on Subaru specific issues, so much for that theory :-( 

hummingbird --- 7 years ago -

Despite the fact that this is 5 years ago and lies over lies are being told and no one could do anything to get rid of this blatent bunch of b....t, I will try to set this right.
Yes, this car was in another shop, which did not have Subaru Diagnostics or any dealer authorized equipment. Of course, the other shop tried their best to repair the car, but if you then take it to the authorized dealer, he has to run the tests, according to the company specs, again. which involes time and equipment and can not be free, anywhere. If your car needs to be test driven, because no one knows what is wrong, or if you have a noise involved, you have to take it for a test drive. Which might involve a lengthy one, if the motor and all the oils have to be warmed up. And I would like to see one shop, that gives you your car back, without paying them first. Please, in future check the facts first, before spreading garbage in the internet. 

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