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compassionate reassignment

who's talking here?

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unsureanymore --- 11 years ago -

Does anyone know how quick or how long it takes to get a compassionate reassignment? 

Cheeky Monkey --- 11 years ago -

army? air force? dod civilian? 

unsureanymore --- 11 years ago -

Army, for the entire family. I'm just wondering so I can make plans for when we would get to the states. 

WOW! --- 11 years ago -

For the army it's different. I only know bc the hubbs is army. It just depends on how severe the need is i believe. Ive seen some turned around in a month and some a couple of weeks. 

Cheeky Monkey --- 11 years ago -

yup....each situation is different so it's not a "one size fits all" answer! 

Abe --- 11 years ago -

Not even close folks...it could take months. I have been intimately involved in assisting more than one soldier get a compassionate reassignment. It can take quite some time. Soldier lost his dad (a farmer) fields needed harvested and soldier was not processed for nearly 6 months and that was with a VERY supportive command.

That is the key, does the command support the reassignment or are they dragging their feet? The other key piece is supportive documentation, the more the better. It only makes the case stronger.

I forget how far up this paperwork has to go, but seriously doubt it is anything that can be decided locally, and even then DA has to cut new orders before a soldier is moved.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but accurate info is better than wishful thinking 

WOW! --- 11 years ago -

Abe, My husband JUST worked on a compassionate reassignment and it took a month. I know another girl, personaly, that it only took her 2 months. Like we said, it just depends on the case...i have known it to take 6 months. But, i don know what im talking about bc i KNOW these ppl. 

ashml --- 11 years ago -

it doesn't necessarily take months depending on the needs of the family. If its a health issue or whatever you have to get a drs note, a letter froma chaplain explaining it would be best for your family to be reassigned and I would mention to your husbands (or yours) first sarg or whatever, whats going on. I know this because we are currently trying to do it. It depends on everyones case, no one is the same. Due to my health issues (precancerous cells have to get surgery blah blah and my sons isues) we are trying to leave. I mean you can do all of this and then get denied regardless but having a valid excuse and talking to as much people as possible and getting legitamite documentation supporting why you should go home (or where ever) will make your case stronger. 

ashml --- 11 years ago -

oh ALSO to get it through fast you need someone willing to behind it all, like walk it up to the people that have to sign it, there are some units that do just try to put it off, so stay behind it find a higher rank that is willing to stand behind you guys with this or you will never get the stuff you need to get done 

Euro Maker --- 11 years ago -

a letter froma chaplain

Really? So now someone needs to be religious to make this happen? That is just nuts.

I'm not shooting the messenger, ashml. Just surprised that this would be required.

Best wishes with your treatment, ashml! 

Momof3 --- 11 years ago -

It really does depend on the situation. We did it many years ago. From the time it began until finally approved, took about 5 months. My husband was in Korea at the time, his Dad was dying, put in for it, went back and forth, so finally took emergency leave, they temporarily assigned him to a recruiting office until they approved it. My husband's home of record congressmen even got involved. It can be very hard to do. 

Mojo --- 11 years ago -

JOFTAA, Chaplains are also there for support of the people, regardless of religious affiliation. They have counseling experience and are there to support a family through rough times. Heck, my old chaplain was GASP!! Muslim. Still worked for the whole wing. They are much more than religious support. 

ashml --- 11 years ago -

[i]Really? So now someone needs to be religious to make this happen? That is just nuts. [/i] no because he's an officer and most of the time people go to him for advice and written things like this, people can also to a phsycologist but my husband HATES the ones here so we went to a chaplain

and thanks joftaa 

Abe --- 11 years ago -

Wow, JOFTAA, very unlike you to jump to conclusions. Being religious has nothing to do with going to see the chaplain in this case. A letter from a chaplain recommending the Compassionate Reassignment goes along way with a lot of commands.

If the soldier needs counseling as well because of the situation the chaplain can provide that as well, many of them without religious overtones whatsoever.

With our chaplains currently under attack, especially with DADT, I would hope this is one area everyone can agree some wise counsel would be a GODD idea!! 

Cheeky Monkey --- 11 years ago -

Not everyone has experience and understands the how/why the military does things such as going to the chaplain in certain cases which are not "religious" in nature. 

Abe --- 11 years ago -

I just realized my fau paux, lol...

wise counsel is a GOOD idea NOT a GODD idea, now THAT'S funny 

Euro Maker --- 11 years ago -

Wow, JOFTAA, very unlike you to jump to conclusions.

Abe - I wasn't jumping to any conclusions. In my previous post I was asking questions, not making statements.

I saw the requirement of seeing the chaplain and it made me wonder why it would be required. Thanks for explaining it. Now I understand.

wise counsel is a GOOD idea NOT a GODD idea, now THAT'S funny

That is funny. Actually, that would make a decent slogan for the chaplain to use. 

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