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Why won't they pay first months rent????

who's talking here?

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AlabamaBaby --- 12 years ago -

We pay our deposit and first months rent today. Finance/housing/who ever hasn't given us any money to help out at all but they rushed us to find a house. I understand them not giving us the deposit flat out because we get that back but I don't understand why they won't back pay us at least the bah for our rent we have to pay today. We are draining our savings account literally over$4000 to pay this and they won't even back pay us so we can have that emergency money!!!!! I don't understand. Can someone please explain this to me? Why do they say we get BAH/OHA whatever you call it if they don't actually give it to you till you get a house and are already in it? What if we didn't have the savings? Then what? We stay in TLF until they decided to pay us and then they get mad that we didn't find a house? 

Bob --- 12 years ago -

you'd need to call finance to get the specific reason. my guess is that until you move into the house you are not eligible for the extra payment. they need to have the exact terms of the rent, utilities, etc.

i'm just taking a guess of course so i will stress again...call finance. 

Everton --- 12 years ago -

I stayed in lodging until I had that money in my account. Why you decided to move in before you had your money is beyond me. 

AlabamaBaby --- 12 years ago -

It's all my husband! He won't ask questions and then gets mad when I want him too! I could tell him to call and say well we can't turn our lights on and whatnot until they pay us. We turned in the housing agreement 2 weeks ago! we found this house 5 days after arriving and had to wait till today for the previous tenant to leave. So we are entitled to it? I'm not making crazy assumptions? 

Bob --- 12 years ago -

if your husband won't ask and the people at housing won't give you an explanation then you'll be stuck wondering why.

i can understand them not paying the deposit because you would have to pay them back when you moved. if the landlord decided to keep the deposit you would be out twice.

i know they used to be better. they even gave you a moving allowance to help off-set the cost of moving into a new house for things like transformers, curtains, and other items. this was almost 20 years ago and things have changed a lot since then.

i think your husband needs to get after finance because they should pay the first month's rent. i may be behind on the times but they are required to pay for each month's rent you are responsible for under your contract. 

AlabamaBaby --- 12 years ago -

They still give us a move in allowance thats around $600 to pay and utility deposits and like you said transformers and all but we haven't even gotten that yet! 

VeggieGirl --- 12 years ago -

Pay is always a mess when you first move here. I don't know how people who don't have a good chunk in savings do it. You can get a no intrest loan from finance for your deposit and pay a little back monthly over your tour. That way if you don't get all of your deposit back you won't be scrambling at the end to come up with it to pay back finance or if you do get it back, you have money to carry on to your next duty station. 

MMDH --- 12 years ago -

When we moved into our house we got advanced pay to cover our deposit and the first months rent as we knew it would take finance a while to catch up... we then had to pay back the amount for the deposit (as we'll keep that money when we move out) but not the amount for the first months rent.. I went through EVERYTHING to make sure it all added up properly and we weren't out of pocket... in hindsight we wouldn't have taken advanced pay, since we had the money in savings to cover the out of pocket cost.. and we still used our own money to pay our deposit and rent UNTIL advanced pay kicked in (about a week after we moved in our house!)
You need to write down all your concerns.. what you are paying out of pocket.. what ou are receiving pay for and have your husband email finance.. because Lord knows they DON'T answer phones or see you in person..! 

tattoo girlie --- 12 years ago -

We also didn't pay ANYTHING out of pocket when we moved here. We had a pretty good sized advance That we got from the base we were at before here) and they covered our first months rent and pd for the deposit on the house. We just have to give it back to them when we move out!! Something about your situation doesn't seem right!! There has to be a mistake made someplace!! I hope you can get the help you need!!! =) 

IMTHE1 --- 12 years ago -

We just have to give it back to them when we move out!!

Im confused about this....Its a loan right? and we are paying it out of our paycheck monthly. So why we have to give it back when we moved out? 

AlabamaBaby --- 12 years ago -

my husband is worthless when it comes to money matters! I'm not trying to be mean even he admits it but he won't say anything to finance and they won't talk to me so I feel like I just got screwed royally. I hope they do catch up and I'm freaking out over nothing but this is really making me mad! 

IMTHE1 --- 12 years ago -

Alabama baby...i feel yah! We came here to save some extra money sacrifice the life of being away from our family! We deserve every penny that goes into our account! 

loyo39 --- 12 years ago -

Did you receive advance dislocation allowance before you left your last base? This is to help offset moving expenses due to PCS. If not, you will receive it when they processs your PCS voucher. 

NYgal --- 12 years ago -

I hear ya with the husband that doesn't ask questions! I actually emailed finance myself, from my personal email and they wrote back. Just send his name, ss number and a phone number to contact with the details of whats going on. A lot of times, they'll email back instead of calling. 

Jen04 --- 12 years ago -

Pay takes awhile to get straightened out here. You should get backpay from the date you moved into your house so while it sucks now in a few months you should get paid back. I think they offered us an advance for the deposit & rent but even that would have taken a few weeks since it comes with the paychecks. 

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