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Pre-schools in the K-town area (both American and German)

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SCTX --- 9 years ago -

Hi All,

Based on what I've heard and researched, it is not an issue to register kids through DODDS provided they are at least kindergarten age but the availability of pre-schools on post is very limited for kids under 5. We haven't PCSed to K-town yet but it's coming up and all I hear is that every facility has a waiting list there. I know about the American private facilities around the bases but I was wondering if anyone has some experience with something else such as CDC's pre-school program or a German kindergarten? I would really like my 4-year-old to get some cultural immersion at a German kindergarten but I don't know how much trouble it causes that he cannot speak any German yet. Since I'm not there yet, it's kind of difficult to get info about German facilities. Do you guys know the approximate fees/tuition and which villages have good ones? I'd really appreciate any advice. 

Atticus Finch --- 9 years ago -

Short answer...Sending your child to the local (German) kindergarten is no cost. For your child to be able to attend there must be a place in the kindergarten. German/EU kids have first priority. Almost every village has their own kindergarten but not every village. Your child does not need to know German as he/she will learn it in no time.

Type "kindergarten" in the search box (upper right corner) and you should be able to glean some more info on this topic.

Take a look here as well! 

Lillibelle --- 9 years ago -

Please note that as of this August 1, 2013 parents (German and those with a German residency permit) have a right to get a slot in a German kindergarten for any kids two years or older. Even though the communities have been working hard to provide a sufficient number of slots, there may still be some problems to get a slot.

It is really no problem, if your child does not know English. My kids went to a German kindergarten in a small village far removed from American military bases. A British girl whose father was assigned to Germany by the BASF joined the kindergarten. My daughter who was raised bilingually (since I am German and my husband American) acted as an interpreter during the first couple of months. In the area around Kaiserslautern your child should not have any problems with the communication. Finding a slot may be the bigger problem. 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

Depending on the base, the CDC has a pre-k program that your child can attend as well. I'm not sure what the wait is, but if you are both working, or both active duty, you will have a higher priority for a slot. 

a3349962uu --- 9 years ago -

It depends on your village for German Kindergarden. Ours was unfortunately very rude and unaccomodating.

I know of two Preschools in the area. There is CLA (Children's Learning Academy) and C&K Montessori. I have had my children in both and was more impressed with the Montessori.

At CLA, my daughter was able to fall under the radar and was not challenged. She regressed completely due to other students needing more assitance and she wanted the attention they had. Her particular teacher did not tailor to her abilities.

At C&K, by the end of Kindergarten, my daughter was working on multiplication and starting first grade almost at the reading level required for second grade. My son is in Pre-K and is also doing well.

They just moved to a new facility and had a few issues with the doors but they are working on fixing it.

There is also a Pre-K class at Faith Baptist near Einsiedlerhof and I haven't heard anything negative about the school. The previous principal was awesome but don't know about the current administration.

Good luck!!! I would start contacting them now as spaces are limited. 

a5089804uu --- 7 years ago -

Is the C&K still open? 

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