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RU Annual Potluck

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1. JohhnyBoy I'm game. I'll bring the coleslaw and keylime pie!

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RUDependapotamus --- 9 years ago -

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Where: Pulaski Park
Date: September 31
Time: 1701-2342
Who: RU Members

What to bring: Your wives. We'll have a swinging good time. 

Nicksdad --- 9 years ago -

No, what to bring:
A big-azz can of Raid. Place is infested with yellowjackets, according to someone who just endured a squadron picnic at Pulaski this past Thursday. Nein danke.
Sep 31, haha. 

Cloudless --- 9 years ago -

So I should not bring my Jello Mold? 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

Yo, jello and green bean salad is never out of place. Ever. 

JohhnyBoy --- 9 years ago -

I'm game. I'll bring the coleslaw and keylime pie! 

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