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notthisami --- 10 years ago -

Maybe its just me, but the news is beating this whole NSA thing to death! Im sorry but I dont see how the German people can believe that their beloved Chancellor didnt know about the information gathering in Germany. I mean how else would the US get enough info to be able to gather this info without the knowledge of the German Government. Im sorry but we must be living in the land of makebelieve! I find it funny that the protest that made the news a few weeks ago against the NSA wasnt near any military bases. Wake up and smell the coffee and think outside the box... 

Grundle --- 10 years ago -

I love how people are pretending to be shocked that we are all spying on each other. 

JohhnyBoy --- 10 years ago -

Speaking of spying... 

notthisami --- 10 years ago -

lol... gotta love it! 

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