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Nazi protests?

who's talking here?

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kkmscm --- 9 years ago -

So my husband swears that there was a group of Nazi (NPD) protesters outside the West gate today. Did anyone else see this? What in the world is going on? 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

Where they doing anything wrong? 

Nicksdad --- 9 years ago -

Ramstein FB page said that they had a permit to be at the Shell Autohof between 3 and 5PM yesterday. Germany is holding parliamentary elections next Sunday. The NPD clowns pull in a whopping 1-1.5% of the votes around here. Most NPD gatherings usually attract 10x more anti-NPD protesters than NPD members. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

It's not up to me or you to decide that JohhnyBoy. 

notthisami --- 9 years ago -

wow, thats crazy but unfortunately not surprising. The National Socialism Underground is very much still alive in this area. I read a story about these neonazis that went to a soccer game in Kaiserslautern and were taunting this Jewish soccer player with words like 'Jude' and so forth. Apparently it was so bad that it made the papers. Then, the politicians there tried to cover it up with a rally against Nazis..Its sad that the mistakes of the past could repeat even with the known consequences.. 

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