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Mobel Martin Rug/Carpet Price Honest or dishonest?

who's talking here?

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a3270326uu --- 8 years ago -

I am curious. I have bought a few persian carpets from Mobel Martin at their recent sale and was very happy with the carpets and thought the prices were really good. I brought one of the smaller carpets to Sweet Home Ramstein to have it adjusted (Added Sleeves to hang). The owner offered to come to my house to bring me the carpet when it was finished. He came and asked me where did I purchase all the Persian carpets, I told him and he snickered, looked at one of the more expensive carpets I have in my living room and asked what I paid. When I told him he told me they saw me coming, it is only worth half of the amount. I need to bring it back to Mobel Martin and he will sell me the exact same carpet and quality for half the price. Has anyone experienced this before????? Is Mobel Martin dishonest with their prices? Any one have any experience with purchasing persian carpets from Sweet Home Ramstein? The original price on the rug in question was 14,950 Euro's?.. Mobel Martin was having a 50 percent off sale due to renovation and I argued, haggled the manager down to 5000 Euros. Please any information on experiences with Mobel Martin Rug department or Sweet Home Ramstein Stores would be greatly appreciated. 

Nicksdad --- 8 years ago -

Carpet shops around here are all pretty dodgy IMO. Used to be one in Ramstein village that had its "final going out of business" sale flyers out for like 10 years straight. I'd think that Mobel Martin would be better but they might have an independent vendor doing carpets in-store.

I'd certainly never pay 15 grand for *any* carpet no matter where it came from but everyone has their own budget and priorities.

I'd say do some research or get an expert but then we're back to carpet salesmen again... 

notthisami --- 7 years ago -

Its hard to say since this guy could have been trying to make a sale and fed you a load of garbage! I dont really know that much about Mobil Martin and you cant trust what the salesmen say because they'll never admit that you were ripped off! I would do my own research and see if you can get an independent person without any personal interest to take a look at your carpet and see if it is authentic. 

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