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Clinic Delorme-Goldberg Landsthul

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a4083479uu --- 8 years ago -

My dog went to Delorme-Goldberg 3 months ago for diarrhea that could not be controlled, which eventually led to uncontrollable intestinal bleeding etc. The reason I write this is that IF when we took her to see Delorme-Goldberg in Landsthul they actually knew what the medication they were giving was suppose to do, or if they actually had tried to treat the symptoms rather than give her antibiotics and then send her away, of IF they had told us that there were procedures that other clinics could do that they could not that would help determine what was wrong, she would most likely be happy and healthy right now. The problem is that we trusted them. They are great for normal stuff, vaccinations and minor cuts etc, but do the research yourself and don't trust them for anything else. To this day, several of the medications they gave us are NOT designed to do what they think they do, so of course when they ask if it did something it was not suppose to, we said no.

Oh yes, and don't expect them to like you asking questions - one f the vets huffed off and refused to treat our dog when we started asking simple questions - unethical and unprofessional. 

notthisami --- 8 years ago -

Yeah, the two sisters that work as Vets there are crooked! I am not sure about the other male doctor, but I will never go back there again! I am not going to go into specifics besides what happened, but I took my animal there since she had some kind of a uterine infection. She wasnt doing well so I took her to Delorme- Goldberg and they gave me anal suppositories and told me to put them in my animal's food. I thought there was a language barrier so I called back later just to verify that I heard her right and even the receptionist didn't seem to think those were good instructions. My animal's stools were bloody and I stopped giving her the meds immediately and I never went back. She was also trying to tell me that surgery was needed and I had a feeling that that was not needed and went to get a second opinion. I went to another vet in Ktown and sure enough, only antibiotics were needed and she got better! I never went back and dont plan to ever set foot in their again! I should have noticed there was a problem when there were no local nationals in there, only Americans! They dont care about the animals and it is my opinion that they purposely tried to make my animal sick so they could rip me off!! Never again! 

akli --- 8 years ago -

I agree, if I would have stayed with them my dog would have died this was about 8 years ago. I also found a Vet in K-town that saved her life. 

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