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Advice needed: Stadtwerke hosed my credit

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a3879599uu --- 8 years ago -

Hi all. I left the Ramstein area in June of 2013 and just got my credit record screwed up by Kaiserslautern Stadtwerke. I was trying to refinance my home to wrap in my kids massive student loan debt and now I can't. Stadtwerke sent a 2 year old charge for early termination of a contract. I was an Army civilian employee under orders and I was laid off during sequestration. I had orders back to the US and was cleared at all the German utility companies. I just paid $370 out of pocket to get this unfair charge off my record. The US collection company people were sympathetic (not enough to not collect) and said a US company would not be able to make a charge like this Germany company has done. Who should I contact at Ramstein or Landstuhl(I worked at Landstuhl) to help me get this Stadwerke fee refunded and get them to write a letter of retraction for the US credit bureaus? I need email addresses since I live on the West Coast (Oregon). I'll try to telephone too but email is probably best. Stadtwerke is predatory and I hope other Americans aren't getting screwed over like me. 

notthisami --- 8 years ago -

Hi, Are you sure that it was the Kaiserslautern Stadtwerk that messed up your credit? I didn't think they had any connection to a U.S. credit score. Did you use community bank when you were paying your utilities because then I could totally see it. When you left Germany, did you have proof that you were cleared at all the German utility companies? If so, then they have to take any charges off of your account. I think maybe you should first of all be sure that it was them that screwed up your credit record. Maybe you should call the VAT office and ask them for any records that you have that you cleared utilities because if you had the UTAP program then they are the ones who you would normally clear with. If you skipped that step and didnt clear with the VAT office and UTAP program then maybe that could be where the problem is coming from. I hope this helps! I can totally understand what a pain in the butt it can be! 

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