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How do I set up internet?

who's talking here?

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JustTryingToStart --- 7 years ago -


New and I am finding that a lot of things are not well explained. I am living off base (shortly) and I would like to get the internet set up now as I heard it can take some time.

Where do I go? Who do I call? What is the first step?

Any help is welcome. Thanks! 

a4955888uu --- 7 years ago -

Do you already have a contract with an Internet provider?

notthisami --- 7 years ago -

You are just getting here and you need internet service. How long are you going to be here? This is important because if you sign most phone contracts in Germany, you are stuck for two years! If you have to quit before that time, you have to pay the rest of the contract amount. In other words, you could be here for 1 year and get PCS'd back to the states before the 2 year minimum is up and have to pay your phone bills for the entire next year even if you wont be here. Of course, some phone companies here have made exceptions if you have orders back to the states. This is not the norm in Germany since it is law. You can try TKS on base where the PX is and get a contract. They speak English and are here to support the US forces here. You can get a monthly agreement but not be held to the 2 year contract. Go to TKS.com. If you want to change your service you could always cancel TKS and go off base once you learn your surroundings in Germany. Good luck! 

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