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how to get a German lawyer blacklisted if he or she is listed as an English speaking lawyer

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notthisami 1

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notthisami --- 6 years ago -

I witnessed a German lawyer attempt to defraud an American, threaten them and misrepresent the German law. This person also assisted their client in making fraudulent documents as well as a fraudulent housing inspection sheet under false pretenses. I am still concerned about unsuspecting Americans being sent to this person as housing as well as other entities are protecting this person. This law practice is even listed as an English speaking lawyer for property and landlord tenant law at the legal office on base. However, I have written proof that this lawyer has done questionable and unethical things. But, dont know what to do with this information. I am afraid that if I dont do something, this law practice will be able to continue to defraud Americans because most dont know the German law. Does anyone know if it is possible to report this lawyer in order to prevent more fraud and deception? I mean a place to report it where the report will be taken seriously and not fall on deaf ears. If I report it to another German agency or housing, they will protect this person. If someone could hook me up with a good effective contact, I would appreciate it. Thank you 

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