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Kimmi12 --- 11 years ago -

Hi CMS and Daisy!
If anyone has any suggestions on what a teenage girl can do this summer to meet some new friends it would be very much appreciated. She did a soccer clinic on Sunday, but only one other girl was there. I would love to get her out a little more to meet some people and I wouldn't mind some company too! 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -


old (45)

been here 2 years and live near Spang/Bitburg

our 10 year old is here with us! 

jessrenee --- 11 years ago -

Hi! I am Jessica Fountain. We are moving to Ramstein in a few months. My husband is active duty Air Force in the SERE career field. I am in the Washington Air National Guard, full time Marketing student, and photographer (www.jessreneephotography.com). We have a 2 year old son, Henry James. Orders to Germany came as a bit of a surprise, but now that the initial shock has resided, we are very excited about the move. :) 

Katealoni --- 10 years ago -

I'm Kate

I'm 36 years old.

Just got here in June.

Live in Winnweiler (near Sembach)

I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old. 

CMS --- 10 years ago -

jessrenee, you'll want to check out the posts in here on setting yourself up in business legally with the german government if you want to continue doing that while you're here.

Welcome, ladies! 

k --- 10 years ago -

There is a summer hire program for teens at all the bases. You might want to check with ACS. I saw some teens painting on Pulaski and soem other teens distributing mail at Bamholder. They are also looking for teen volunteers for Vacation Bible School at Daener and Landstuhl. 

Cloudless --- 10 years ago -

Hi, I arrived in Germany Nov 6, 1982. I was a GI. Got out. Been here ever since. I live in smack downtown K-Town. I've worked for AFN most all these years. Lived in Frankfurt, Berlin, Heidelberg and now here since '96. I have daughter who is twenty who just left for the states. First time for her living in the U.S. and I'm a wreck. So it's me and the family dog of 14 yrs...deaf and blind and senile. Not me...well,not the deaf and blind part. And a ridiculous 2 year old Pekingese. Oh...I'm a guy. 

PeterMan --- 10 years ago -

Hey my name is Peter, was previously stationed in Heidelberg 05-08 and after a short trip back to the states I'm now back. Only this time in the KMC area. In the Army, will be living on Ramstein and looking forward to lots of travelling throughout Europe. 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Welcome Cloudless and Peterman, and the other new people out there :D 

NatesCrazyMommy --- 10 years ago -

Hey everyone! I'm Ariel. My husband and I've been in Germany for about 2 1/2 years now and we seriously can't wait to get out of here. Husband is in AF. We've been together/married for 4 years now. We have 1 1/2 year old son! We also have 1 furbaby, Cupcake. I'm a stay at home mom but that will change when we get back to the states. We love traveling, sightseeing, and watching tons of movies! I like doing playdates for my son, photography, facebooking, cooking/baking, scrapbooking, reading, and walking! My husband is a big World of Warcraft freak and enjoys playing other MMO's or games on different consoles. Anything else, just PM me [: 

Drew66879 --- 10 years ago -

Hello all. Drew is the name, and been here about a year now this time. This is my 4th tour in Germany. I have an AARP card but not old enough to retire, yet. Single and enjoy good food and some wines and beer. I am a DA civilian with a job that borders from boring to hysterical. I seem to be a jack of all trades expert at none. I collect and trade coins and fishing reels. Not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Anything else just ask, the worst that can happen is I politely decline!  

nukatie81 --- 10 years ago -

Drew, I have to ask, do you live in Kollweiler, that's our zip code here! Just wonderin'! 

Drew66879 --- 10 years ago -

:) Kottweiler-Schwanden 

nukatie81 --- 10 years ago -

That's close...lol. Name wise too. People always say Kollweiler or Kottweiler. 

Drew66879 --- 10 years ago -

LOL that is until you have something delievered!!! :) 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Welcome Drew66879 and NatesCrazyMom! I didn't see that post from 29 days ago :( My husband and I also play WoW :p Well, we did! We cancelled our accounts recently because Cata was just lame. He is teaching me how to play Diablo II now so I'll be ready when Diablo III comes out ^_^ I would also recommend checking out Minecraft if you haven't yet! 

Spencers Revenge --- 10 years ago -

Howdy folks! (no I'm not from the south but I have spent most of the last 10 years in Georgia & Florida)

I'm happy to be here in Germany finally. I arrived a few weeks ago and am still getting my feet wet. I'm not happy about the cold but I guess I will survive. Everyone I've met and talked to so far has been awesome and super helpful.

I'm 34 and active duty at Ramstein.
Native Oregonian
Car nut & DIYer
Newly single again (no more long-distance relationships!)

Just looking to explore Europe and have a good time. Living drama free! 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Willkommen Spencers! I hear ya, drama free is the way to go! :D I hope you are enjoying Germany so far, I love it except being so far from family. I don't like being cold, but I'm okay with it if there is snow to play in :P 

thepopthebunny --- 10 years ago -

My name is Ashleigh, I moved to the KMC area about 3 months ago from California. 23 married to my husband (28) who is in the AF. We're both new to it, but love it so far. I love art, crafting, spirituality, reading, exercising, traveling and relaxing hanging out and chatting with a good friend. Don't have any kids yet but probably in the future. I'm trying to get into school over here to get an AS in biology. I'm hoping I can get to meet some other spouses soon and start making a life out here in this community 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

That is a great attitude Ashleigh! Welcome to you and your hubby! :D And good luck with the Biology, that was always a favorite of mine! ^_^ 

Spencers Revenge --- 10 years ago -

thanks for the warm welcome. I love it here, but definitely feeling the homesickness already.

Especially when trying to figure out where the DHL packstation was located (by Edeka Ramstein) and how to use the bloody thing! Holy frustration.


Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Especially when trying to figure out where the DHL packstation was located (by Edeka Ramstein) and how to use the bloody thing!

I haven't a clue o_O I'm retarded when it comes to stuff like that! lol 

NatesCrazyMommy --- 10 years ago -

We play D2 as well, and I am on and off with WoW because it is lame, nothing to do but wait for the panda's to come out! roflmao :P I'm really excited about D3 though! I thought about about playing Minecraft, but I'm not sure about it yet! :s 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Minecraft isn't bad, but now my hubby is obsessed with Skyrim :P I'm waiting for mine in the mail, but have been watching him play and it looks fun. I'm sure it will hold us over until the release of D3 ^_^ Only thing that sucks is no multiplayer mode in skyrim :/ but it still looks fun! 

Mommy of a Prince --- 10 years ago -

Hi, I'm a stay at home wife who's 21 years old. I have the most beautiful little boy ever. I'm from Indiana and I'm so glad I left it. Been in Germany for almost 3 years and we are soon pcsing to Alaska! Totally excited for that one :) Um lets see..I love animals, disney movies, and nature. I also enjoy reading books, scrap booking, and yes cleaning lol :) 

XoMandyCakesXo --- 10 years ago -

Halo!! name is Mandy and I will be headed that way very soon, I am tryin to get the in's ,outs, up's and downs of living abroad..hope to make some friends before I head over in a few months xoxo mandy 

joebean --- 10 years ago -

Hello all, name is Joey. Wife and I are looking for like minded friends. We have 3 daughters (5, 3, and 1 1/2). We've been together since 1999 (high school sweet hearts). I am 29, and Jessica is 27. I am a feminist, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, etc.) supporter and the founder of "Mission: Equality", atheist (but don't mind everyone having their own beliefs), and anti rape culture. We are new to Germany. We are extremely laid back, and pretty much keep to ourselves, but looking to be more sociable here. My facebook can be found below. Hope to hear from some friendly people.

My facebook

Justalix --- 10 years ago -

Hi all , my name is Alix . I am half german half american but lived here in germany all my life. My husband was in the army, he stayed here after he got out . We have a 19 year old daughter and two sons 16 and 2 years old. I like reading , music , going out but our youngest one keeps me busy right now. 

hayley23 --- 10 years ago -

Hi, my name is Hayley! We live in Kaiserslautern and my husband is in the Army. My husband has been here for about 2 years but i've only been here for about a year. I'm 20 and originally from Indiana. We have 2 cats named Noodle and Milo. I work at the Vogelweh Commissary. If you've been there then you have probably seen me....I'm the really short cashier lol. 

Dani --- 10 years ago -

Welcome Hayley! 

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