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who's talking here?

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soda bread maker --- 10 years ago -

hi, my name is Majella, i am not exactly new to the area, but i want to get to know anyone that might live near me (steinwenden) for my 5yo to have other kids to play with etc. have a great evening :) 

Blueser oO --- 10 years ago -

Welcome to all the new people! I've missed a few the past 2 months, my goodness! ^_^ Always great to have some new folks join us :) 

Matureman --- 9 years ago -

Hello, Been here since Aug 11 bought a home for future investment and to enjoy the German culture. Single and enjoy entertaining at home. If, you want to get together for some activities, watching tv or movie let me know. Plenty of room. I have a bar, large entertainment room and 5 bedrooms so if anyone wants to get away they can stay here and not be disturbed from the busy work week for any occasion let me know. Quite location near Ramstein. Stay 1 hr or more or over night. Like to play games, chill and have conversation. 

Blueser oO --- 9 years ago -

Welcome! Hope you find a good group of friends to hang out with, enjoy Germany!!! ^_^ 

Onagi --- 9 years ago -

Salve, amice.

My name is Gary. I have lived all over the world and Germany has been my home for almost 12 years now. I am married and have four wonderful children. I try to live for and by my God every day but fail Him constantly.

I like deep, insightful conversations just about anything without all of the emotional drama.

I heard this great quote the other day: "We tend to judge others by their results, ourselves we measure based on our good intentions" 

JustM4E --- 9 years ago -

I like deep, insightful conversations just about anything without all of the emotional drama.

That's a breath of fresh air! Welcome, Gary! I'm glad you joined our "little family"! 

Creton --- 9 years ago -

lol Gary.

Don't be silly about this God business. 

Onagi --- 9 years ago -

I should have added that I love living life trying... :)
Thanks guys for welcoming me. Looking forward to the chatter! 

RightBackAtYou --- 9 years ago -

My name is “RBAY”. I live in the Kaiserslautern community and have been here some time. I am a civilian. I have many out of the ordinary interests for a woman my age. I don’t like online bullies and nonsense babbling imbeciles going on rants and insulting people for now good reason while hiding behind the internet. I believe if you don’t have the “appendages” to insult me to my face then you don’t get to do it anonymously on a website either. If you would like to know more PM me please. 

Blueser oO --- 9 years ago -

Welcome Gary and RBAY :) 

Cooter --- 9 years ago -

knew to the area here.looking to here good informatian.will b hear for a coupla years. like the kmcc and the mall. waiting to exploar the german areas. thank you. 

Lillibelle --- 9 years ago -

Judging by the other contributions I am probably the only or one of very few Germans here. I have been married to my husband (retired Army and now NAF) for 27 years. We have two grown children one of whom is already married. We have been living in the KMC for less than two years. I am an executive assistant and following our return from a 2-year tour in GA and an 18-month stint as SAHM (new accronym for me) have worked for assorted German companies over the past 22 years. Other than the occasional visit to the KMCC and the commissary I really have nothing much to do with the military.

I spend my free time either at home (reading, cooking, baking, watching almost any type of sports and old German movies from the 50s, 60s and early 70s)or volunteering at major (inter)national sporting events with the next being the International German Gynmastics Festival in the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen/Heidelberg area from May 18 to May 25, 2013. 

Atticus Finch --- 9 years ago -

I am probably the only or one of very few Germans here.

Very well written introduction for sure! :) Hard to believe English is not your first language.

Welcome to this wild, whacky and sometimes weird site. Enjoy.... 

a3572718uu --- 9 years ago -

I am Kat, and I am a German mom of a 2-year old boy with an American husband. I am teaching at an American College, so I meet quite a few Americans, but I´d love to meet more moms! If someone would like to meet up for a coffee and playdate for the kids please pm me! 

a3871996uu --- 9 years ago -

Hi guys! Glad this got started. I'm Alicia and my husband is Kevin. We've been here since Sep 2012 and haven't met too many people. My husband is Army and we have two small four legged children. Hopefully we'll add two legged ones to our family one day. We are in are early thirties and love to travel, meet new people and just have fun in life. We live just outside of Ramstein and love our little village. I look forward to meeting anybody who loves to have fun and explore. Also it does get lonely when the hubs is away so friendships are always welcome. (drama free) 

Randy b --- 9 years ago -

Randy here and 19 year Army vet stationed on Ramstein. Live about 40km west of Ramstein. This is my 3rd tour to Germany but first to this area so I guess you can say I love it here! (Augsburg and Darmstadt the first time, Mannheim the second time)

I was drawn to this site by culligan water....

Anyway, I have a 14 year old son from a previous marriage (she was German) and he lives in Germany, so being stationed here is quite convenient. My current wife of 10 years is currently pregnant with our first child!!!! Very excited about that!!!!

That's about it.... 

leftclicker --- 9 years ago -

Hello, My name is Eric.

I was born in Landstuhl, to military parents. Moved to the states as a baby, been there ever since. As it so happens my wife is military and now I am coming back!

I have many hobbies and passions:
my family, photography, writing, music, graphic design, car enthusiast, cooking.
Food and Drug Regulatory/Food Safety, manufacturing, IT/computer tech.

We will be moving out there in a few weeks, so we are excited to become part of the community! 

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