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who's talking here?

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Babygurl --- 11 years ago -

@ Karen. I am orginally from Mobile,Al. So is the hubby. He's not from the Mobile area. He is from the other side of the tracks....which is Fairhope! I miss it something awfull. And the fact that I have family that talk worse than myself...LOL Kinda reminds me of boomhower. Cause even though they are family. I have to ask what did you just say...LOL I rarely speak to anyone that isnt from the south. Cuz I still get picked on for my accent.
@ huskerfan.....OMFG I know i will gain like a million lbs. once we hit the states. Hubby and I are thinking of all our good places to eat at. Never mind we have family who have not seen us in years....LOL We want the good stuff!
@AmyO girl mud riding is soooooo much fun. 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -


SOOOOO many southern people in here! Any yanks in here? LOL

Nice to meet everyone! 

GaryKenyon --- 11 years ago -

My name is ****** (sorry none of you will know my real name), I've lived in Europe for 6 out of my 8 years in the AF, with one stint in Guam. If you haven't figured out what I do by now; shame on you. I'm single and ready to mingle lol. And I'm from the great state of New Hampshire, the only state that mentions death in its motto: Live free or die. 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

Oh, so you're not Mr. Gary Kenyon? lol

BTW: How come I never get any of my magazines when I purchase a subscription? I'm pissed! 

GaryKenyon --- 11 years ago -

Is it you never get your mags or is it "why am I getting September's in October"? 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

I ordered a subscription last year and I received 3 magazines out of the whole year. I ended up contacting the order center for the magazine that I subscribed to and explained what was going on. I mean, if I pay money for something I expect that specific item. I had to write a letter stating that I didn't receive the proper amount of magazines and they did end up refunding my money.

I mean, I don't want to accuse people of stuff but come on...

BTW, I get my mail on Kapaun. Maybe I just need to get my own box again at Landstuhl, I never had problems over there. 

doddlebug --- 11 years ago -

Doddlebug here....early-ish thirties, 3 kids!!! I just had a little boy 1 day ago, got discharged and cannot leave the bed for a few days, so here I am :)
I was a teacher and special needs counselor, but now I stay with the kiddos for a while...been here for four years, prior to this we were at Barksdale....hubby has been in 22 years, so we plan to retire to the UK, where i am originally from in a few years.
i like drinking wine :) walking, travelling, reading, painting and gardening..... 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

CONGRATS!!! Were you at LRMC? Did you get a babybag? 

angel2009 --- 11 years ago -


CMS --- 11 years ago -

Congratulations, doddlebug! 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

Congratulations ,doodlebug! 

doddlebug --- 11 years ago -

Thank you everyone :) yes I was and actually all the staff there were amazing.....they really took care of us...what was a baby bag, sounds intriguing, I didn't get one I don't think?
If anyone else is pregnant on this site, I have to say they were the best team...everyone on all of the shifts were amazing. You will be well taken care of. 

M'lissa --- 11 years ago -

surprising since they don't seem to be doing much right now. I am 16wks and all they have done is check the heartbeat and blood once. When I had my daughter off base they measured my uterus every month, did blood test every month, etc. 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

@Jess.d, AmyO,Babygurl and asian_luv- I am from Alabama too! What part are you from? WAR EAGLE!! 

im from montgomery :) 

Carl --- 11 years ago -

My name is not Carl. I have been here for over two years, but only on RUG for a short while.

I like Germany, and have been here for over 15 years on and off.

This is my only identity on RUG! 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

Hi Carlotta! : - )

Ummmm.....JOFTAA.....BEEZARK??? Ya gonna join this crazy party? 

bigjerk --- 11 years ago -

I am 16wks and all they have done is check the heartbeat and blood once.

Normally now days you get an appointment monthly at about 20 weeks then they up you to weekly at what 32 weeks I think, then every few days at 36 weeks. You could always request them to do what you want them to. Most doctors do not mind doing a little extra.

I did hear that working with a midwife here in Germany is more thorough than using the LRMC. 

M'lissa --- 11 years ago -

I told my midwife that I was concerned since I mc in February and it was a partial molar pregnancy. I don't think she read my record because she was surprised and said she'd talk to the people that do ultrasounds and have them call me. 

WOW! --- 11 years ago -

Im wow! Im 22 yrs old. Been in germany for 1.5 yrs. Expecting our 2nd son in 7 weeks. So ready to have him. We love to travel but the hubby's job gets in the way a good bit. I too am from AL. ROLL TIDE ROLL!! lol. So crazy to see how many AU fans are on here. I really think AU MIGHT beat us this year. SC just beat us. My Grandma (mother) worked there for over 10yrs so ive been a fan since i was born. Nothing to special about us i guess. I love tocook and im really good at cooking southern fattening food. Fried chicken, lemons, and strawberry short cake are my FAVORITES! 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

I love tocook and im really good at cooking southern fattening food.

what time is dinner tonight? :)

ive only been back from bama for a day and i miss the food already lol 

WOW! --- 11 years ago -

I can't wait to go in march! But Grandma will be here in 4 wks!!! Can't wait! 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

i wish i could convince my grandma to come all the way over here i would force her to cook for me every night lol

its still so warm in bama im ready to go back already lol 

Babygurl --- 11 years ago -

@ WOW and jess.d we should round up all the ppl. here that are from bama. And cook some famous southern comfort foods. Before it gets cold. Everyone meet up at one of the gazebo's/ And we can see who's southern accent is the worst....LMAO And has anyone found greens here in our comms? Cuz I have been craving those. And cant find em. I also make a mean peach cobbler. Those from bama know what im talking about.....For the new year. We make the famous black eyed peas for good luck. And greens in the hopes the new year will bring money....Ill hold my breathe on that one...LOL I also make my own homemade cornbread stuffing for my turkey's Old family recipe. If anyone can make divinity and have it turn out right. Ill marry ya...lmao. And if any of ya'll want to have fresh homemade doughnuts. I make those as well. :) Ok need to stop talking about food. Im drooling on my keyboard.

Funny story...I went home a few years back. And I bought 2 dozen crabs ok. Came back to Germany. Telling a friend of mine that I had crabs....LMAO. She was like wtf? I knew what I was talking about. But had to rephrase what I had said to,,,,I bought some crabs. And FYI no one tells you that when you buy crabs. They are still moving. Needless to say I drove home very fast! I also miss frying up the softshell crabs. Ugh ok gonna stop talking. I miss home! 

WOW! --- 11 years ago -

My gma makes REALLY good divinity. I should have her make some here. About the greens, in the canned vegies, there are some called old glory. They are REALLY good. If gma doesn't have any fresh in the freezer she resorts to the canned ones and they truly are good. Just add the bacon grease and let them simmer for an hour or so.I also make dressing from scratch! U know, with cornbread, chickenbroth, eggs, and onion...yummy! We will have some if I'm not in the hospital having my baby! 

oszbbk --- 11 years ago -

Hi all!
My name is...not anything you would ever guess, and when you meet me within 19 minutes you will most likely ask me if my parents were hippies...I come from a very big family, but not necessarily a close one.


I am a SAHM, not by choice. As bad as that may sound, let me explain. I have many many children all of whom are teenagers and live in the states with the exception of the youngest who is here with us and attends elementary school. There is not much need for me at home during the day. I do attend the dreaded online college classes. I prefer face to face classes, but for now this is what I am doing.

Prior to moving here I was a very busy Salon owner and the change of pace is not one I like.

I am a military spouce and this is the first place the military has sent us. I have mixed feelings about it here. Prior to moving her our family was very active in the community and had various social events throughtour the week, now we have tv and internet ={ I look forward to the day we can actually be of service to people around us and visa versa. 

M'lissa --- 11 years ago -

do you do hair from your home? 

bigjerk --- 11 years ago -

do you do hair from your home? 
I want to know the same thing!

It's impossible to find someone that knows what they're doing and is worth what you're paying them! 

barbiq --- 11 years ago -

It's impossible to find someone that knows what they're doing and is worth what you're paying them!

Not always! I have been going to the same one-person German salon for almost four years, and have recommended her to many other military spouses, and we all LOVE her. Some (not all, and I am not referring to anyone here, because I have never met any of you) people just dont want to drive to a specific village though (we live near Sembach), so they are stuck with the choices they have on their doorstep.

Yet, when they are in the US, they think nothing of driving 30-45 mins in traffic to get to their fav salon.

Sounds like you would have a ready made customer base though oszbbk, if you do decide to do hair from home, and I hope you can work something out so that you are happier. :) 

oszbbk --- 11 years ago -

Well thanks everyone. I do not work out of my home. I would rather keep my place of work and my home seperate. It's more comfortable for the clients and less stress for me when we keep it in the salon. =)

I planned on applying at the KMCC salon at the end of summer, but lots has changed since then. About a week after our arrivial we found out my son was going to need surgery. Due to what was going on I did not want to leave him in the care of a stranger. He finally had his surgery and is doing well and back in school. I am now hoping to find a job whether it is doing hair or something else.

Which brings me to ask this question....does anyone here offer resume help? This is the first time I have had the need for one. We can trade resume help for haircut =)

I hope you can work something out so that you are happier. :)

Thank you!! Looking back, it sounds like I was having a bad day when I "introduced" myslef. Lol, sorry. 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

Which brings me to ask this question....does anyone here offer resume help? This is the first time I have had the need for one. We can trade resume help for haircut =)

They can help you with your resume at the ACS on pulaski. Are you going to still and apply at the KMCC Salon? 

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