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who's talking here?

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Jen04 --- 11 years ago -

My name is Jen and my husband and I are about halfway through our tour here. Prior to living in Germany I lived in Japan for a few years and ended up meeting my husband there. We don't have any children yet, though I'm hoping in the next year to change that. It's nice to meet everyone. 

AlabamaBaby --- 11 years ago -

Thank you so much. I was actually just wondering about the climate there.... I joined a few groups on facebook and everyone seems to be talking about the snow and stuff being closed. I have never lived where it snows. don't even know where to begin with it! Alabama and California thats all I have! we are still in shorts right now on sunny days so I need some help!

Oh and the southern twang is not something I'm proud of!LOL People say "oh thats so cute say something else!" and it drives me nuts! 

IMNSHFO --- 11 years ago -

Your normal AB. Sorry about bama this year. Anyway, its nice here for family life and styles in you love adventure and travel... oh and a bunch of nuts. 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

oh and a bunch of nuts.

Obviously he didn't fall far from the tree!

Sybille (IMNSHFO/maxnixs1), I thought I told you to take your meds, go to bed and leave the adults alone! 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

....I see new people....


beeberry --- 11 years ago -

Alrighty. My name is Bee and I've lived here for quite a while now. I work on base in one of our beloved restaurants. I enjoy traveling, going out and enjoying my time over here. It wasn't my original plan, but I want to try to stay as anonymous as possible based mostly on someone threatening to barge into my place of employment looking to cause trouble.

I've been stalking you guys out for some time now but only recently got the urge to start posting. A lot of you are already pretty famous to me :-) 

Blueser oO --- 11 years ago -

Welcome Bee :) 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

Welcome Beeberry!


maxnix --- 11 years ago -

BTW Bee, I told u i was going to eat there last nite. And I'm telling u the staff need to do a better job of follow up service. I was observing want my server was doing with other group and how she did with mine. Not consistent. And you really want me to fill out a comment sheet. Not going to tell u who it was... male or female. I'm just commenting here. 

beeberry --- 11 years ago -

Thank you Blueser and Daisy! :-)

For MachtsNichts, this thread doesn't seem like the place for that type of comment, so you can find my retort on the Waitress Thread. 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

Oh help us Sweet Jesus! (Nod to GK..) 

GaryKenyon --- 11 years ago -

Tell you what Maxnix, if you were being bad to me I would give you the least amount of service possible.

If, on the other hand, you were atleast being friendly and personable I would show you the proper amount of service.

But I wouldn't cater to your every little whiney want and need. 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

Order!! Order!! 

LaLa --- 11 years ago -

Hello everyone! I also have been following peoples posts/comments for a while now, just havent really said anything :)

My name is LaLa (nickname) and I am an Army veteran, now a SAHM of 2 awesome toddler boys. I have an adorable toy poodle. I've been in Germany for 4 years, and will be leaving to stateside soon! I'm from Kansas/Colorado, and will be moving to Kentucky. I dislike hateful and ignorant people, and spiders. :) 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

Welcome Lala,i like your name!:) 

LaLa --- 11 years ago -

Thank you Daisy! :D 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

.....I SEE NEW PEOPLE.... 

Dani --- 11 years ago -

I don't remember if I did this or not and to lazy to scroll back through.

I go by Dani :) I am from Savannah, GA - I met my husband when he was stationed there in 2002. We had a daughter in 2003 and wed in 2005.

In 2004 we got out of the army into the GS system. We have been stationed at TN, NC, Okinawa Japan and now here. We have been here since June of last year and plan on extending and staying as long as possible.

We have 2 dogs - one is currently with my grandparents in the states but will be flying in September! Also 2 birds :) 

Mama Mabel --- 11 years ago -

Thanks Crazy for bringing this thread back to the top....

Hello everyone - call me Mabel here. I have been in Europe (different places) for the last 8 years and I am hooked on the international environment. I was AD but I am now trying to get into the GS side. I am making the lists, but I am not a spouse (anymore) and I only have VET preference.

Daughter is 10 going on 25 and 3 furry boys are UK born kitties. She gives great hugs and new eyes to things that have become mundane to her mama. The boys are wonderful lap warmers. All 4 have a way to make a "bad" day end on a good note.

Enjoy - family time, nature, cultural wanderings, craft-making, water sports, winter sports, gardening, volunteering and being there for friends. I also enjoy challenging, but respectful, discussions that offer different points of view and encourage self-growth.

There is so much more, but here are some highlights. Contact me on PM if you want to know more.

Nice to "meet" you all! 

nukatie81 --- 11 years ago -

Hi, my name is Katie. We've lived here for several years and were stationed in Bavaria before. We'll be here for a long time and also have lots of family here on my husbands side.
I like to talk with everyone and will offer an opinion or help when I can.
We have two younger kiddos and two dogs and a cat and my mom lives with us also! So we have a full house.
I speak enough German to get around and feel comfortable so I really love it here! 

Ms Asia --- 11 years ago -

Hello! I am new!! Well, not really. Been here 4 months. I am a stay at home mom right now, I am not going to whine about not finding a job... We are so blessed. I have 3 kids. Really smart. I don't wanna start bragging about them, but em kids are math champions and beat all the schools in our district.. that kind of smart.. just straight As kinda kids! lol
My husband is from Oregon, really kind, sweet guy... the kind that all my friends ask if he's got a brother :)
he spoils me!
We came from Laughlin AFB.. not a lot of people knows the base...
And I guess I am from Texas!
But I do cook killer Asian food... if you are nice to me I might cook some extra for you.. hahaha
I spoil my german neighbor and give her Asian delicacies all the time.. we don't understand each other most of the time but she loves me!
and oh by the way.. I am Asian! lol 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -


MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

JohnJay --- 208 days ago - quote - flag comment - hide comments

From California and I have been in the Army for nearly 15 years now. Been in Germany since 06, Mannheim and now here. Working on a Masters degree in Education and plan to be a teacher when I'm done with this Army gig. Like to travel, jogging, hiking and hit the gym from time to time.

What happened to JJ? 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

On holiday,i think:) 

Jesus4me --- 11 years ago -

I'll play... I am still fairly new to Europe!! We've been trying for 12 yrs to get orders to either Spain, Germany, or Italy so we were over the moon with this assignment!! I have been married to my HS sweetheart for 13 yrs and we have 4 children: a 12 y/o daughter, and a 10, 7, and 10m/o sons. This is our 4th duty station. I am a SAHM- and loving every minute of it! I am gonna try homeschooling my babies this year. I am super super shy and have a hard time meeting new ppl!! My children are looking for kids their own age as the village we live in don't have any!! =(. 

k --- 11 years ago -

Welcome! What village do you live in? Maybe there is someone here that lives near you with kiddos! 

Jesus4me --- 11 years ago -

We live in Neiderstaufenbach. But if we can't get the Internet here, we will have to mov bc our children's homeschooling program requires an Internet connection. 

Kimmi12 --- 11 years ago -

Newly arrived seven days ago. Here with my husband and fourteen year old daughter. We have two sons who remained stateside for college. I found this site just before we left Michigan and have been checking back every once in a while. You all seem to have some great information on traveling that has been really helpful.
I love to read, travel, take pictures and drink bier :) I'm in the perfect place. 

CMS --- 11 years ago -

Indeed you are, Kimmi!! 

daisy --- 11 years ago -

Hello and welcome Kimmi12 to our site:) 

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