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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-26, 10 years ago.

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Job - 9 years ago

@notthisami Do you mind sharing what jobs have positions opening up in that field. I use to work as a store protection specialist (loss prevention)

Extra Charges from Poco Domane - 9 years ago

Has anyone experienced being charged extra for using a debit card at Poco. I used my debit card from Service Credit Union. My purchase was 31 Euros but my bank account is showing 41.

Recycle Bags - 9 years ago

oops, My eyes read what they wanted Lol. Thank you kindly.

Recycle Bags - 9 years ago

Thanks, the Gaico insurance office that is near the Pizza hut.

Recycle Bags - 9 years ago

Can somebody please provide me with an address to where I can pick up the yellow recycle bags, either Kaiserslautern or Ramstein. I thought there was a place in K-town but I got lost in the constructi...

Christmas Trees - 9 years ago

My husband came home with a huge one from Ramstain outside the mall I believe. He paid $48 because that's how much cash he had on him but they were asking for $55. Its our first tree so I don't know h...

Random Questions - 10 years ago

You seriously have issues. You spend too much time on the computer trying to start drama. I would be very much surprised if you have any friends at all.

Random Questions - 10 years ago

Thanks @Grundle. I appreciate it.

Random Questions - 10 years ago

I'm still new to K-town and I had some random questions I'm hoping someone can answer. * For Sky T.V is the only way to order it online and do you have to buy a card with them on top of the monthly...

Where to buy Bathroom decor - 10 years ago

Thank You

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