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ADAC or Not

who's talking here?

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a2900765uu --- 11 years ago -

I have some questions about ADAC. We are not currently ADAC customers but have been thinking about signing up for the service. Our Stateside insurance is Geico Military and I am not sure what coverage they offer here. I plan to call and ask but I was curious to hear from someone who has ADAC and what they thought. Does each vehicle we have have to have its own ADAC membership or is like AAA where all the vehicles in the house are covered? What is the monthly cost? Have you ever had to use it? Was the service good? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! 

the original jd --- 11 years ago -

With ADAC, the member is covered...not the specific vehicle.

I like having the piece of mind ADAC offers me. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

link title 

VeggieGirl --- 11 years ago -

I agree with jd.

We pay somewhere between 90 - 110 euros per yr and it's a lump sum. It covers us in all of Europe. We have had to use it when we locked ourselves out of our cars, when we couldn't get the car to start and once a long, long time ago when I was driving home from Prague with friends and all of a sudden the gas gauge dropped and we ran out of gas. It's taken them awhile to respond each time but I was glad I could call them for help. 

k --- 11 years ago -

I had a really good experience with them. I was stuck on the side of the road with a flat. They arrived within 20 min and had me back on the road very quickly. Make sure you get plus. You don't want to have to pay for towing! 

Nicksdad --- 11 years ago -

Absolutely recommend; they rock! ADAC Plus costs 98 euro per year and covers you and your spouse and all your vehicles anywhere in Europe. You might never need them but if you do, it's a godsend. Never waited more than an hour and the guys they send out in this area usually speak decent English. 

HuskerFan --- 11 years ago -

We have ADAC and we have NEVER had any complaints about the service they offer. Knowing that someone is THERE if we have an emergency gives us peace of mind!! I reccomend them to anyone!! 

Rachel --- 11 years ago -

I agree with what everyone is saying: we have used them once. It was under an hour wait, and everything went smoothly. Great to have, worth the cost. 

Nomen Nescio --- 11 years ago -

Ditto for all the above.

I would just like to add that if you do join, you will receive additional "offers" from ADAC in the mail. Look at them carefully so you don't sign up for something you don't need. 

a2900765uu --- 11 years ago -

Thanks everyone! Sounds like it is a good thing to have... 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

You might want to consider the medical insurance part of it as well, especially if you travel outside of Germany. If you get sick and need hospitalization, etc., they will repatriate you back to Germany. Again, peace of mind. 

a2900765uu --- 11 years ago -

I had no idea that is covered all that.. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

so why am I told that USAA does the same stuff, but in any country?


does ADAC come to your rescue if you are ANY country or only Germany and surrounding?

we DO have ADAC right now--until the end of this month it appears.......just trying to decide if we need double coverage if we have USAA also--I used USAA for the lock out when we got here and it was easy/free/fast but never anything tragic

Don't get me wrong, I hear some good stories, but also have heard a few where USAA responded faster.........so I am trying to weigh all of what people say 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

does ADAC come to your rescue if you are ANY country or only Germany and surrounding?
ADAC has reciprocating agreements with the other countries' equivalents. For instance if you're traveling in the US and you have an issue, eg. need a tow, all you do is call AAA, tell them you're an ADAC member and you're covered! It's great.... 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

where USAA responded faster...
It's not a question of "USAA" responding faster as it's all contracted out to others! It's probably just the fact the service provider contracted through USAA was not busy at the time. 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

Double post... :( 

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