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Nomen Nescio

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-28, 13 years ago.

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Looking for a new mobile phone? - 7 years ago

Daisy, we're still here. It just seems like more important things are going on right now...

I will write essays for money - 8 years ago

I would like to see your examples so I am letting you know. Please let me see them. Thank you.

Which is better? Community Bank or Service Credit Union? - 9 years ago

Choose a credit union. Service Federal or Andrews. The credit unions are customer owned and have "shared banking" (you can conduct transactions from either credit union). Community Bank is curr...

Zzzzzzzzzzzz - 9 years ago

Well then where would we lurk? If you're looking for K-town action, there's always reddit (mostly soccer), google or bing (everything else, except sex), and then craigslist (mostly sex) If your lo...

Phone Repair? - 9 years ago

some of us are still lurking daisy ;)

watch netflix - 9 years ago

Try using Google's Chrome browser with the Hola plug in.

Extra Charges from Poco Domane - 9 years ago

Your purchase was in Euro, however your bank statement is probably in Dollars. It would have been converted at that days rate. Today 31 Euro = $42.16

gov't shutdown - 10 years ago

The Vogelweh commissary was open today. It appears they will stay open. [url=http://www.commissaries.com/press_room/press_release/2013/DeCA_67_13.cfm]http://www.commissaries.com/press_room/press...

GOAL: To become a mod on RU Ramstein along with Dipthong. - 10 years ago

[i]It was nothing short of torturous[/i] self-inflicted I must say. Be honest, at least one time. Some of us remember the drama you instigated. multiple accounts, visiting other undergrounds po...

Where to buy Bathroom decor - 10 years ago

not far from POCO is another place, they take VAT forms too: [url=http://www.moebel-fundgrube.de/kaisersl.html]http://www.moebel-fundgrube.de/kaisersl.html[/url] On the way, you may notice this ...

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