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who's talking here?

Cara fanciulla 3
Nomen Nescio 1

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Cara fanciulla --- 8 years ago -

Put this site to sleep.... 

Nomen Nescio --- 8 years ago -

Well then where would we lurk? If you're looking for K-town action, there's always reddit (mostly soccer), google or bing (everything else, except sex), and then craigslist (mostly sex)

If your looking for drama, you can always head to the site run by JOFTAA/euromaker/dipthong. 

Cara fanciulla --- 8 years ago -

I haven't seen any drama over there.. just the opening of the new Starbucks... 

Cara fanciulla --- 8 years ago -

Would just like to see community news, some events on the local calendar. Maybe a listing of movies playing at Aafes theatres, upcoming concerts, tours leaving from the community.... restaurant reviews. The website is here, runs smoothly, and basically is being wasted. 

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