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Phone Repair?

who's talking here?

Nicksdad 2
daisy 5
Nomen Nescio 1

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daisy --- 8 years ago -

Need someone who can fix a mobile on the cheap...it won't charge....any suggestions? 

daisy --- 8 years ago -

I guess there is nobody on the Underground anymore..:( 

Nomen Nescio --- 8 years ago -

some of us are still lurking daisy ;) 

daisy --- 8 years ago -

Oh hello...come out guys ...this is too quite without you all:) 

Nicksdad --- 8 years ago -

Yeah, this place is pretty much crickets the past couple years.
Have you tried a different charging cable? Pocket lint in the phone's charging socket? Bent/broken pins? How old is the battery? What type of phone? 

daisy --- 8 years ago -

Hello Nicksdad.It's not the battery.The phone is only 8 months old.It's an LG G2...the charging pin inside the phone has been pushed in.. 

Nicksdad --- 8 years ago -

Hmmm OK. Looks like it's the sister to the Nexus 5, which I own. Not the most user-serviceable device, that's for sure. I had trouble with the SIM card holder on mine and it was a PITA to get the case open. Battery replacement looked out of the question - too many delicate ribbon cables and such.

I found a thread on XDA here...

If there's nothing useful there, you could go back to the Q&A/Troubleshooting at the top of that page and look some more for charging problems and repair suggestions.

Any chance you can send it back under warranty?

Edit: Eeek! Found an LG G2 teardown tutorial at


No wonder I read so many threads about botched repair attempts on the Nexus 5. 

daisy --- 8 years ago -

Thanks Nicksdad .I could send it back but i shall have a look at the link you suggest first.It's a good phone and the battery last a lot longer than an i phone .I am not even going to try to fix it ,there is a chap on yardsale i believe who used to fix all kinds of phones.:) 

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