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GOAL: To become a mod on RU Ramstein along with Dipthong.

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dipthong --- 10 years ago -

Been there, done that. Thanks, anyway. I was a moderator when I used the name JOFTAA on this site. It was nothing short of torturous. 

JohhnyBoy --- 10 years ago -

I'll moderate if you need someone. 

dipthong --- 10 years ago -

You really are talking to yourself. You created a new account just for this?


JohhnyBoy --- 10 years ago -

Hi there! I'm not sure I follow. 

RUDependapotamus --- 10 years ago -

Where's the popcorn? Teehee 

Nomen Nescio --- 10 years ago -

It was nothing short of torturous

self-inflicted I must say. Be honest, at least one time.

Some of us remember the drama you instigated. multiple accounts, visiting other undergrounds posting inflammatory stuff that resulted in our own troops stateside wondering what was going on here. You got found out pretty quick and got kicked out as a mod. Guess that was torture for you.

Was a pleasure for the rest of us. 

dipthong --- 10 years ago -

You don't know the real story. Guess you never will. I'll give you a small clue, though. Before the admin (when there was an active admin) fixed the bug, anyone could signup with a name that was the same as a name already in use. All one had to do was put either a leading or trailing space with the name. When the name was displayed, the space could not be seen, so it looked like one person was posting when in fact, it was another person.

In other words, there could be two No Men Nescios on the site, and it would look like there was just one. When I discovered the bug, I reported it to Adam, immediately. 

Masterchef --- 10 years ago -

I remember that. If that wasn't you, then why were you talking about how you had done it and fought being booted. 

dipthong --- 10 years ago -

Never mind. Your selective memory is not worth dealing with. I'm not playing your mind games. 

whatsup --- 10 years ago -

being a mod on this site only opens you up to crap. the mods did their jobs and everyone complained. i sure wouldn't do it!! 

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