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I joined this crazy place on 2013-02-14, 9 years ago.

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Looking for person who bought my senseo - 9 years ago

i'm looking for the lady who just bought my black senseo just a couple of weeks ago. the drip catcher was missing from the machine. i found it and would like to give it to her.

Seeking People Who Collect for Homeless - 9 years ago

i have a bunch of clothes, shoes, coats, blankets, and other stuff i would like to donate to the homeless. does anyone know of any organizations in the area for me to contact?

another place thats not getting my buisness - 9 years ago

i just look for a place to get full. i never expect much from places like that so i'm never disappointed. i know of some places for great food so if i want to spend the time/money for good food i go t...

another place thats not getting my buisness - 9 years ago

nicksdad...What!?!?!?!? i put gouda cheese, along with others, on my pizza sometimes, it's great!!!!

another place thats not getting my buisness - 9 years ago

i have to agree with cloudless, when you work in a food service position the customers start becoming the enemy after a point. i think you need to take the situations you encounter with a grain of...

Poll Leave for Same Sex Marriage Yes/No - 9 years ago

i was just reading that people are upset because people are being granted leave to go back to the states for same sex marriages. i don't know the whole story but if they are using their regular leave ...

Time for Revolution? - 9 years ago

this is great. people complained when there were active mods and now they're complaining because the mods aren't active. i guess the old saying that people aren't happy unless they are complaining sti...

GOAL: To become a mod on RU Ramstein along with Dipthong. - 9 years ago

being a mod on this site only opens you up to crap. the mods did their jobs and everyone complained. i sure wouldn't do it!!

another stupid act from a church - 9 years ago

that's what i was getting at grundle. and it's also about do as i say not as i do.

another stupid act from a church - 9 years ago

i think it's people looking for hope. looking for something after their time is over on earth. but you're right that many of the churches take advantage of this. there are just too many people who fee...

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