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Poll Leave for Same Sex Marriage Yes/No

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whatsup --- 10 years ago -

i was just reading that people are upset because people are being granted leave to go back to the states for same sex marriages. i don't know the whole story but if they are using their regular leave time what's the difference? i don't agree that they should get extra leave time when people of the same sex don't get special leave to get married. if they can't get married where they are then they should wait till they go back to the states and still take their normal leave. 

Grundle --- 10 years ago -

I think the intent was to give them extra time due to travel requirements for many people to just get married, as same-sex marriage isn't even legal in all states yet. So, if they live in a state where they can't get married, they get extra leave time to travel to the closest state that will marry them.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I'm all for equality and same sex marriage is a part of that, but I'm also not really sure how it's fair to other people. 

Slicky Ricky --- 10 years ago -

I still haven't figured out why anybody would want to get married. If/when I do figure that out I'll try and wrap my head around two dudes wanting to do it. Kind of disgusting to me for one dude to be in love with another dude's bunghole. I just don't get it. Two hot chicks would be Ok for awhile though. 

Grundle --- 10 years ago -

You and every other conservative out there, Slicky lol. 

Slicky Ricky --- 10 years ago -

I thought about it for a couple days. I still don't get it. I guess you have to have an "eye" for hairy anus. 

Grundle --- 10 years ago -

No, just that the people who speak the loudest against gay marriage generally focus on how "Gross" male homosexual relationships are, but seem to bypass the fact that women are gay too. Because I guess since the female body is "Sexy" and always objectified, it's "hot" and therefore, more acceptable than male homosexuality, was my point.

Because frankly, I don't particularly have an eye for women in a sexual manner, but I'm heterosexual and therefore attracted to males. I don't find it repugnant or awful, just, neutral because I'm straight.

But somehow, it always comes out that lesbian relationships are "Hot" and gay male relationships are "Gross" or an "Abomination". Does not compute. 

JohhnyBoy --- 10 years ago -

Speaking of marriage. 

notthisami --- 10 years ago -

I dont really think its right for people to judge other people on that subject. I can understand that alot of people probably struggle with homosexuality but Im straight and Ive never had that issue. However, I would say that just because someone who may not understand it doesnt approve doesnt mean that they should deny a constitutional right.. its not mine or anyone elses buisness how a person lives.. 

a3346900uu --- 9 years ago -

The bible say: Do not judge because you will be judge.Freedom to everyone no matter what color, ethnic & sexual orientation. Deep down under our skeletons we are the same & so is our soul.Our soul has one color, the color of love. Just accepted 

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