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Which is better? Community Bank or Service Credit Union?

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a4115921uu --- 8 years ago -

We are civilians and thus ineligible for for USAA; in your humble opinions out there, which is better--Community Bank or Service Credit Union? 

Nomen Nescio --- 8 years ago -

Choose a credit union. Service Federal or Andrews.

The credit unions are customer owned and have "shared banking" (you can conduct transactions from either credit union).

Community Bank is currently contracted by Bank of America. If/When you leave Germany BoA will insist you close the account. Not so with the Credit Unions.

Hope this helps. 

notthisami --- 7 years ago -

Service credit union is the better choice. Their hours are better and their Customer service is better. and I have also heard that community bank will share your personal financial information with the German Government which is something you definitely don't want! 

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