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gov't shutdown

who's talking here?

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notthisami --- 9 years ago -

Hey guys,
Does anyone know whether or not the commisary is going to be closed due to the gov't shutdown? Im assuming yes but does anyone know differently? Thanks 

Nomen Nescio --- 9 years ago -

The Vogelweh commissary was open today.

It appears they will stay open.


Cloudless --- 9 years ago -

No we don't know. We don't read the paper, go online to find out at the website, we don't bother to call the commissary nor do we understand how to get this information. We just don't know how to find out if the commissary is open. It's far beyond our skills as we are used to having our hands held everyday. 

notthisami --- 9 years ago -

This is a network! The only point of having sites like this is so the community can share information without having to call someone which costs money right?! Nod your head YES! If you dont have any information to share or something positive to say, then please dont respond to my posts! I wasted valuable time reading your babble when I couldve read nothing..I say again, this is a networking site to share information with the community! thanks 

notthisami --- 9 years ago -

@Nomen Nescio
Thanks for the info, I know its kind of late, but I appreciate your help in this Networking site.. 

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