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What would you do? MILITARY EDITION

who's talking here?

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MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

What would you guys do?


Ginee --- 11 years ago -

Are you addicted to this show as I am? 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

Are you addicted to this show as I am?

Ummm, YES! (lol) I have never seen it until last weekend. They are really great shows! 

Bob --- 11 years ago -

i'd say i would have to walk out. i understand it, i accept it, but i just don't want to see it. they have their feelings and want to live their own life, i can respect that.

it's people like me who have the problem not the people who care about each other no matter what their sex happens to be.

yes, i live by the double standard. if it were two women i would stay. in fact, the clip may have two women, i couldn't get past the first part to see. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

I have never seen the show, what is it called? Could cause some HEATED discussions in this house, that is for sure.

I don't like PDA anyhow, no matter who it is --

I think the actor guy who butted in and gave his 'advice' was out of line. If he did not like it he could just leave. I do wonder if he saw a male/female couple showing PDA if they were both in uniform.

He is being a huge troublemaker 

Bob --- 11 years ago -

what's wrong with PDA? is it wrong for people to have feelings or to show them? i know the military deems this inappropriate while in uniform but i don't see the problem unless you are trying to have sex in a public place. kissing, holding hands, or putting your arm around the person you care about isn't a bad thing as far as i'm concerned. i don't think it's something that needs to be hidden away in the confines or a person's house. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

I should have said I don't like PDA in uniform. My bad

In excess I don't like to see it it in a cafe, but not like they were excessive. 

trendytraveler --- 11 years ago -

I have no problem with it what so ever.. I think it's great!! If you have a problem, then leave. They aren't doing anything illegal. If a woman was sitting at diner, and her husband just came home from a 7mo. tour, he wouldn't kiss her? Hold her hand? Please. Double standard is BS.. In my opinion. Bravery is bravery... enough said! 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

He should have just left and kept his nose out of it.

I don't want to see a guy and wife (or two dudes or girls) rubbing each others' leg or face or smooching a bunch in uniform. That is just me. Out of uniform it does not bother me as much.

They were not going overboard so he really should have just butted out. 

anne --- 11 years ago -

i personally dont have a problem with it and live and let live as far as im concerened . at the end of the day its only other ppl who stick theire noses where they shouldnt . leave ppl alone and mind your own buiseness and walk away if you dont like it but thats just me . 

RaginCajun --- 11 years ago -

The new AFI (Air Force Instruction for the civvies) just issued addresses new stricter rules against PDA in uniform. Some of us at work think it's an attempt to head off possible issues after Don't Ask, Don't Tell gets repealed on Sept 20. Personally I have worked with people inside and out of the military that were gay and it didn't bother me. As long as a person "does the job" I don't really care about their life choices outside of work as long as these people don't try to foist their belief system onto me. I will clarify by saying that the same goes in area of religion...I don't foist my beliefs on others at work (or even outside of work) and don't appreciate it when it happens the other way around. 

Melinda --- 11 years ago -

Sadly I think they would have gotten a different response from the diners had they done the experiment further south. 

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