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Weekend Plans:):)

who's talking here?

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Smiles --- 11 years ago -

what are you guys doing this weekend, anything fun? 

Smiles --- 11 years ago -


daisy --- 11 years ago -

Oh that is easy..i am going on holiday:)Eating ,drinking and sleeping.lol J/K..lots of walking ..sightseeing and touristy stuff:)How about you Smiles,what will you be doing this weekend..anything exciting?:D 

CMS --- 11 years ago -

There is a rodeo out near Mannheim that we are thinking about going to. Otherwise, I have handbag bingo tonight at the VCC. 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

edelweiss until wed :) im fairly excited! 

anne --- 11 years ago -

im just chillin untill i leave for england on the 13th of this month. catching up on chores and the like . 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

Working, off the clock of course, so I can catch up! *sigh*

Only 33 more years and I can retire, woohoo! 

Mojo --- 11 years ago -

Moving. Wohoo. 

Bob --- 11 years ago -

"Only 33 more years and I can retire" i'd shoot myself if i had that much longer to work!!!

i'm gonna do whatever i want, it's the weekend. 

VeggieGirl --- 11 years ago -

Landstuhl festival and fireworks tonight. Thinking about the rodeo, too. 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

i was thinking about going to landstuhl tonight to see the fireworks before we leave for the weekend..does anyone know what kind of festival it is..i just know its 6 euro to get in but not much else lol 

Nicksdad --- 11 years ago -

KA doesn't say anything about an admission charge and I've never encountered anything like that at any Landstuhl fest. From the KA:

Landstuhl will hold its annual
Sickingen August market today
through Monday.
Mayor Klaus Grumer will officially
open the event at 4:30 p.m. today.
The Landstuhl Brass Orchestra will
present a concert at 4 p.m. prior to the opening at Neuen Markt. Tonight around 10 p.m., an opening fireworks display will be lit from Nanstein Castle. Like in recent years, a
local group called Heimatfreunde Landstuhl with support of the market vendors and ride owners will be responsible for the fireworks. The August market will offer a diversified
entertaining program. Rides of all kinds, raffles, snack stands offering a variety of culinary specialties, and a vendorsÂ’ market in front of Stadthalle and on Lothar-Sander-Platz will be available to lure visitors.
Monday will be Family Day until 10 p.m.
with reduced ticket prices on rides and other special offers. 

VeggieGirl --- 11 years ago -

I've never encountered admission fees at Landstuhl fests either unless it's at the castle like the jazz festival. 

Dani --- 11 years ago -

same no fee last year when we went 

angel2009 --- 11 years ago -

there is no fee, you pay for rides and food but no admission 

jess.d --- 11 years ago -

oh ok :) a friend just told me there was a fest and fireworks tonight and there was a fee to get in..not sure where she got that from but i just assumed she was right..thanks for the info :) 

Cara fanciulla --- 11 years ago -

There was also a bandstand set up in Kl near the Stiftsplatz earlier tonight. 

VeggieGirl --- 11 years ago -

We went yesterday. It wasn't one of the big ones where they have all the vendors and close down part of the street. I'd skip it if there's anything else you're thinking about doing. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -


Kristen --- 11 years ago -

I guess he got his wish! 

Cloudless --- 11 years ago -

Tomorrow at 10 AM is a "Rooster Crowing Constest" in Buedingen, near Frankfurt. My understanding is, there are 35 Roosters signed up. They will have coffee, cake and beer/brats. Do not miss this! Take the family! I am not kidding! 

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