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MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

This was posted on FB, yesterday:

Andrea Insko
My hubby misplaced my wedding ring yesterday in a bathroom near the BK in LRMC. If anyone has picked that up please contact me! It is a yellow gold ladies wedding ring, and I can send a pic for confirmation. Thanks - it means the world to me!
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I know if that was me, I would be going crazy. I just hope someone does the right thing! 

CMS --- 11 years ago -

Oh no! That sucks... Hope it is found. 

Atticus Finch --- 11 years ago -

My hubby misplaced my wedding ring yesterday in a bathroomd...

If that'd been me, my wife would've whupped my azz for sure! 

EuroMaker --- 11 years ago -

If that would have been me, I'd be there with a metal detector tied to my privates until I found it. 

imhere --- 11 years ago -

LOL @ EuroMaker.
I wonder why he had it to begin with. I hope (for him) she will get it back. 

Cara fanciulla --- 11 years ago -

He might as well be sleepin' in the Frigidaire. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

why did he have her ring with him and on top of that why would it be out of his umm pocket I am assuming while he was in the bathroom? 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

why did he have her ring with him and on top of that why would it be out of his umm pocket I am assuming while he was in the bathroom? 

EuroMaker --- 11 years ago -

Kristen. I cannot verify this, but I think he was there to meet with Ex-Senator Larry Craig. 

nukatie81 --- 11 years ago -

Maybe she's having surgery and couldn't have it on so he held onto it for her and hadn't put it in his pocket yet, set it down and forgot it. That could happen. That would suck though, hope someone is honest enough to give it back. 

EuroMaker --- 11 years ago -

Or, maybe his wife was going into the ladies room to wash her hands before eating. She took off the ring to avoid losing it in the sink drain. As the husband stood there holding the ring, the urge to pee overcame him. He decided to use the bathroom himself. Rather than putting the ring into his pocket, he laid it on the counter and forgot to pick it up again.

Or, an even more realistic scenario is that he had the ring because it required resizing. On his way to the jeweler he came across a horrible car accident. There was a woman in labor at the scene so he heroically helped her give birth to the baby. The baby was breach so he had to reach inside to turn the baby. The mother of the child still has the ring, but it is in a place in which it is not easily recoverable. 

Kristen --- 11 years ago -

that makes sense 

k --- 11 years ago -

LOL! That makes total sense. I'm sure that's exactly what happened. 

a3350743uu --- 11 years ago -

That was my post. My hubby had my ring because I was going into surgery after losing our baby. It was an accident, but I would still love to get the ring back. Thank you for anyone willing to step forward and return the ring. 

imhere --- 11 years ago -

I am sooo sorry to hear that :-(
I really hope somebody will return it ! 

anne --- 11 years ago -

hi.im so very sorry to hear about your loss and i hope someone returns the ring to you and your hubby. i will keep you and your family in my prayers. take care 

MAD4EUROPE --- 11 years ago -

@ a3350743uu: I am so sorry you're going through this. I hope you didn't mind me posting this here. I just figured there are so many people who look at this site (contributors and lurkers), it wouldn't hurt to post it here too!

Did you file a police report yet? 

theoriginaljd --- 11 years ago -

So sad...I am sorry for your loss and I hope that your ring is returned to you. :( 

Cara fanciulla --- 11 years ago -

My sincere apology for the wisecrack. Condolences for your loss. 

fifthwhale --- 11 years ago -

Oh hell no! Man up and buy her a new one!!! 

Cara fanciulla --- 11 years ago -

All you know, he maybe already did. His voice hasn't been heard on this forum or on RYS. They appear to have other grief in their life at the moment. This I'm sure is significant, yet minute in comparison. 

Cara fanciulla --- 11 years ago -


EuroMaker --- 11 years ago -

The true reason for the loss of the ring makes my 'joke' not so funny anymore.

I hope you find your ring. 

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