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Dude Sounds Butt Hurt

who's talking here?

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Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -


"I left the show. I could have taken charge, upheld the line of our new military culture of professionalism and respect, and interrupted the comedian,” Ciero wrote. “As Airmen and leaders, we are taught to intervene ... On all accounts, I failed to stand up and take the sword from the attacker, the microphone from the comedian. Instead, I departed and reported.

“For those I left behind in the Liberty Club still under assault by the headliner, sorry. No airman, no human, deserves the depravity shrouded in comedy associated with our military,” he said.

Take the sword from the attacker???????? What the heck is he talking about????? Bahaaaaaaa

I agree that there is a problem with sexual assault in the military but if you want to be pissed at somebody, be pissed at people like Gen Franklin that vacate guilty convictions for people like LtCol. Wilkerson! 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

Oh and if anybody is wondering who the comedian was:


I'd say if the good Colonel wants to shove G-Rated entertainment down everybody's throat he probably shouldn't have booked this guy.......judging by the opening page on his website. I'm not even Matlock and it only took me about 30 seconds to figure out this guy does adult comedy. 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

He's funny but not PC at all. I'm torn though.

On one hand, adult humor and comedians can be crude and awful and it's funny. I have a really sick sense of humor and can appreciate a pretty wide range of funny.

On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure that joking about spiking a drink and raping a woman is funny. It's stuff like this that keeps these ideas and actions going. If it's okay to joke about, it must not be that bad, right? 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

I still think the officer acted like a loser, though. "I got butthurt, I left, I complained". What, did he think he should have just walked up on onstage and stolen the mic? He's not a hero, and his words make him sound ridiculous and whiny.

Sword from the attacker. He's been spending too much time in meetings and not enough time doing any real work. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

Grundle, I don't know what exactly the comedian said but the rhetoric coming out of this guy's (The colonel)mouth is enough to make me puke. Maybe it was crude but if the members of the audience can't distinguish between jokes, fact, and fiction maybe they're not mature enough to even be in the military hence where the root of the sexual assault problem may lie. It's easy to blame a random comedian when we all know that is not where the problem really is. 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

Well, I think the whole sexual assault thing warrants a completely different conversation, to be honest.

The whole concept that it's funny to joke about drugging and raping a woman is a bigger issue, and it's indicative of an entire thought process that makes it funny and okay. I think it's a bigger, societal issue though, not something that is going to be fixed by one sensitive officer stomping his foot and being passive aggressive about it. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

I guess my issue is that some guy with a little authority wants to be the morality police and decide for everyone what is appropriate. Unless the comedian broke the law I think each individual should be allowed to make up their own mind. If you don't like the content of the guy's act just leave. We can do without the Shakespeare worthy overdramatization of "I should have took the sword from the attacker"......excuse me while I go throw up again!

I just can't get why this guy would offer up to Stars & Stripes such douchebag worthy quotes! What a joke. 

Grundle --- 9 years ago -

Because that's what people want to hear. Not necessarily what needs to be said or done. They're seriously douchey quotes. He's probably the same kind of officer that gets all upset if there's alcohol at any unit functions. 

dipthong --- 9 years ago -

Mitch Fatel did his routine in Miami back in June. He's funny as all hell.

If someone goes to a comedy show without knowing the type of humor of the performer, then that is too freakin' bad.

If someone hires a comedian without knowing the type of humor that will be performed, then too freakin' bad.

And, the show is not much different than watching TV or listening to the radio. If you don't like it, you can get up and leave.

Here are some of his routines. But, be forewarned, if you are one of those people who is sensitive to adult humor, stay away.

Rated R for adult language and adult themes.


Grundle --- 9 years ago -

I'm not even going to lie, I found his muffin skit and his boyfriend skit hilarious. 

dipthong --- 9 years ago -

I'm not even going to lie, I found his muffin skit and his boyfriend skit hilarious.

Why would you have to lie? This guy is nothing short of hilarious. He says what a lot of people think, but are too much of a wuss to say out loud for themselves. 

whatsup --- 9 years ago -

i'm not sure how people find this type of stuff funny. the same people that laugh at this will get upset if some of the things he makes jokes about happen to them. if it's not funny if it happens to you then i don't see how it can be funny in a "comedy" routine.

but....even though i hate to agree with ricky about anything i do agree you have a choice. if you don't like it, leave. as long as it's not illegal nobody should be able to tell you what you watch, listen to, or laugh about.

the worst part about this colonel is he could be the next one jacked up for grabbing some woman's backside. the ones who scream the loudest are usually the ones who are doing the deeds. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

even though i hate to agree with ricky about anything

What did I do to you? :) 

a2891589uu --- 9 years ago -

I recently read the comedian's rebuttal to the Colonel's little girl fit. It was in the Marine Corps times last week. The comedian said the jokes he told were about his wife and had nothing to do with sexual assault. 

Cloudless --- 9 years ago -

He drugged his wife and raped her? How funny is that? Not defending the Col, just pointing out that laughter at crude humor is along the same line as 6th graders laughing at fart jokes. And if I don't like it don't go. I know. I don't. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

Somebody must find it funny since the guy is paid to travel the world and perform. 

Cloudless --- 9 years ago -

Sure, I get it. Just like "It's only a movie"...it's "Just a joke"..."Relax it's not real". It's just not everyone buys into it. You can. Free world. 

Slicky Ricky --- 9 years ago -

Granted everybody doesn't enjoy the same kind or type of entertainment but we don't need douche bags spouting off the most douche worthy quotes I've heard in years either. 

Cloudless --- 9 years ago -

See? You were funny. For a certain crowd. 

JohhnyBoy --- 9 years ago -

Speaking of butts... 

geminijoey --- 9 years ago -

I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. They should never have hired the guy!!I do not think any type of provocation of rape is funny. NEVER! The problem with this is; he is humanizing something that should be condemned, and persecuted as well as prosecuted. Not laughed at and made light of. Then again; I guess you'd have to have been victimized to be traumatized by others making a joke out of your own horrifying experiences. Too many men are very mentally and sexually sick in this world!! How to rid the planet of this scum? I have no idea!! 

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