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I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-22, 10 years ago.

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Vet on Pulaski - 8 years ago

I totally understand! Pets almost become your children in some ways. It's horrible when they are taken from you from a situation that could have been prevented. Since the Vet is an LN, the military ma...

Clinic Delorme-Goldberg Landsthul - 8 years ago

Yeah, the two sisters that work as Vets there are crooked! I am not sure about the other male doctor, but I will never go back there again! I am not going to go into specifics besides what happened, b...

Problem with Landlord after keys turned over - 8 years ago

He cant just keep the money without a written estimate that confirms the supposed damages to their property! If you filled out a closing inspection checklist and he signed off on it without annotating...

Please put a tag on your dogs collar - 8 years ago

[i]Also, they have had too many cases where the animal was left behind when people move. They just care - that is all. [/i] Implying that only Americans leave behind their animals is prejudice! W...

Please put a tag on your dogs collar - 8 years ago

Oh yeah, my dog is registered with TASSO with a microchip.. We originally got her from a Tierheim in Bruschal since the Ktown tierheim is prejudice and wont give any animals to Americans! But, we were...

Volksmarching - 8 years ago

what is Volksmarching?

Thank you to all - 8 years ago

yeah, that can be a real drag when people dont help new people just getting here.. If that is what this situation was... I know when I first got here, I pretty much had to figure everything out on my ...

Trattoria Da Salvatore - 8 years ago

OMG! I love that guy and his restaraunt.. We havent been there in a while since we moved away from that area... He seems really nice and he used to always give us a bottle of wine when we went to eat ...

Drivers Licesnce Dilema - 8 years ago

@trick37MP- I get what you're saying and it makes sense, but there must have been some kind of loophole through the German system if they didn't say anything about it for so long. I mean, how is it th...

Drivers Licesnce Dilema - 8 years ago

What doesnt make sense to me is the newfound crying about this.. I mean, visitors in Europe can rent a car on an international drivers license and dont have to take the German driving test. They can d...

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