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I joined this crazy place on 2010-12-16, 11 years ago.

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Child-free. Atheist. Socially liberal. Financially conservative. Happily married. Reader, writer. Drinking: Bukowski-style.

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Commissaries - 11 years ago

My husband is civilian. And I didn't mean it would be good for the people that work there - just for the shopping population. Jeebus.

It's going to get good. - 11 years ago

I agree with the OP and several others on here - it should get interesting. There are a lot of people in the military that have a huge sense of entitlement. These seem to be the folks that are now...


Community Bank is not *required* to do anything for you. If you don't have enough in savings to get by for a week or two during this "crisis", you might have some financial issues. Talk about a pa...

Commissaries - 11 years ago

Go to Cora and get meat. I think it might be a good thing for the commissary to shut down... people might actually have to go off base and check out the local economy!!! LMFAO!! The horror!!

Brand-New House in Schwedelbach - 11 years ago

Genni - sorry, we were out and about - sent you a response via PM and your personal email. Hope to hear from you soon! Barbiq - we had such a hard time finding housing and this landlord is great. ...

Brand-New House in Schwedelbach - 11 years ago

This house has NOT been listed yet - my landlord will be listing in the next couple of days. He's a great landlord (we've been here over a year) and the house is brand-new. *3 - 4 bedrooms *2.5 b...

on base spa - 11 years ago

Why would you WANT to go to the Spa in the KMCC??? Who wants to hear screaming children while having a massage? Worst. Experience. Ever. And wickedly overpriced.


I live in Schwedelbach - where is the Asian place in Weilerbach??? I haven't seen it... help!!

Food Bank for Needy Families? - 11 years ago

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I'll be sure to call all three tomorrow and find out where I can drop everything off. :0)

Penn & Teller do organic - 11 years ago

I saw that Penn & Teller episode!! I laughed so hard at some of the taste tests!! Definitely worth watching (and the T & A is funny, too)...

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