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I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-18, 14 years ago.

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looking for a Female to talk with, for friendship an pass time - 6 years ago

I'm a Male that is very bored. Just needing a Female to have a nice conversation with. Not looking to cause any marriage trouble. Just bored an all alone.

compassionate reassignment - 13 years ago

Army, for the entire family. I'm just wondering so I can make plans for when we would get to the states.

compassionate reassignment - 13 years ago

Does anyone know how quick or how long it takes to get a compassionate reassignment?

Soldier and spouse in need of everyone's help or advice. - 13 years ago

Thanks everyone, and Kimberly we just got in germany in june of 2009 and it is a 3 year tour. So we are going to try and find a small place for me in the economy and some sort of job until we either g...

Rank - 13 years ago

Well this company Commander I take it his rank is CPT, and we are talking ARMY. So does anyone know who his boss - supervisor would be? There has to be someone above him, doesn't there? Maybe som...

Rank - 13 years ago

Ok thanks, so who does the CPT & or Commander report to, or who is over them?

Soldier and spouse in need of everyone's help or advice. - 13 years ago

We are in need of some help or advice, we have been seperated because of a ERD and spouse was sent back to the states. now that a few months have gone by we want to work on us and save our marriage an...

Rank - 13 years ago

Can someone help me out? Can a CPT ( Captain ) be a Commander? Not sure how rank goes, I thought a Captain was under a Comander.

NAME CHANGE: *ken* is now *just me* - 14 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

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