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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-02, 11 years ago.

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Clear skies, occassional rain

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So I go to the Commssary for a sandwich - 8 years ago

[i]You have a very beige life. [/i] I can't believe you guessed my favorite color.

Utilities Rip Off Alert - 8 years ago

This is not an exercise. There is a very large utilities company called EON. They are legit. But wait for it..there's more. EON apparently buys energy from companies and then resells it cheaper to cus...

So I go to the Commssary for a sandwich - 8 years ago

I walk up to to the counter and the very nice lady says, "What would you like today Mr.? I say, I would like a full 12 inch sandwich. I'll like double meat, ham/balony/chicken/sausage/beef, and tomat...

gov't shutdown - 8 years ago

No we don't know. We don't read the paper, go online to find out at the website, we don't bother to call the commissary nor do we understand how to get this information. We just don't know how to find...

Personal trainers at the AFB - 8 years ago

Okay, what is a Play Pass? How long is a session? What are HeatlhFit24 trainers? Is your world a little small or is it me? To whom is this message/spam directed? Thanks!

Dude Sounds Butt Hurt - 8 years ago

See? You were funny. For a certain crowd.

Dude Sounds Butt Hurt - 8 years ago

Sure, I get it. Just like "It's only a movie"...it's "Just a joke"..."Relax it's not real". It's just not everyone buys into it. You can. Free world.

Dude Sounds Butt Hurt - 8 years ago

He drugged his wife and raped her? How funny is that? Not defending the Col, just pointing out that laughter at crude humor is along the same line as 6th graders laughing at fart jokes. And if I don't...

A military wife rails and fails - 8 years ago

Yes, no denying she calls everybody out. She's not dislikable. But it is a great human study I think, and it can be done in about an hour as you skip around her life chronologically.

A military wife rails and fails - 8 years ago

No no...look at the beginning. She was fit. Looked good. Nice hair. Railed against other's kids misbehavior. As time goes on, she gains weight. Complains about the Army, hair is unkempt. Gets fat. It ...

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