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Slicky Ricky

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-21, 9 years ago.

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So I go to the Commssary for a sandwich - 9 years ago

What else dud you expect? It's guberment and guberment isn't exactly known for efficiency.

One Giant Step Closer - 9 years ago

With this folks, we are one giant step closer to the complete pussification of the United States Armed Forces. I predict this removal from command will have reverberations throughout the US military f...

Nazi protests? - 9 years ago

It's not up to me or you to decide that JohhnyBoy.

Nazi protests? - 9 years ago

Where they doing anything wrong?

Dude Sounds Butt Hurt - 9 years ago

Granted everybody doesn't enjoy the same kind or type of entertainment but we don't need douche bags spouting off the most douche worthy quotes I've heard in years either.

Dude Sounds Butt Hurt - 9 years ago

Somebody must find it funny since the guy is paid to travel the world and perform.

A military wife rails and fails - 9 years ago

All of what she said was hilarious and most was true.

Poll Leave for Same Sex Marriage Yes/No - 9 years ago

I thought about it for a couple days. I still don't get it. I guess you have to have an "eye" for hairy anus.

another place thats not getting my buisness - 9 years ago

Can't have champagne on a beer budget! That place is like a cafeteria so if you're looking for service, wrong place.

Poll Leave for Same Sex Marriage Yes/No - 9 years ago

I still haven't figured out why anybody would want to get married. If/when I do figure that out I'll try and wrap my head around two dudes wanting to do it. Kind of disgusting to me for one dude to be...

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