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MAD4EUROPE --- 13 years ago -

Okay, so there are quite a few new people (myself included, couple months now). I think we should introduce ourselves. Here are a couple of rules:

1. Remember OPSEC
2. Whatever you post, make sure you don't mind the whole world seeing.
3. Yea, that's about it...

I'll start:

My name is Crazy. I live someplace in Kaiserslautern/Ramstein/Landstuhl/Miesau/Sembach...(you get the point). I have been in Europe off and on for about 8 years. I am a civilian/tourist; never been in the military. I love my job! It's very challenging and it's something new EVERYDAY. I love EUROPE and traveling. I'm very open-minded and very liberal (politically speaking). I have MANY interests (too many to name). I work, I go to school, I volunteer and I hang out in the RU...Oh and I had a 4-legged son who passed away a couple of years ago who I will probably talk incessantly about (I apologize in advance).

Wanna know more? PM me and I may tell you!

Who's next???


bigjerk --- 13 years ago -

My name is Miranda, just like is says to the left a little up from this. :)I have a nearly two year old daughter, a kitten who is about three months old, and a husband who is part of the US Air Force.

I play the violin (teach lessons too), I am obsessed with Hello Kitty, not Japanese obsessed but enough to annoy my husband. I am currently a student working on an associates degree for what I have no idea, but furthering my education is important to me.

Any questions feel free to ask in a PM of course! 

Texan --- 13 years ago -

I am a male spouse with 4 kids,2 at home.I do not work now,hopefully soon.We have been here for two years and I am in the kmc area.I love football,my wife and kids and family and my God.I too have a pet who we just adopted.Oh and at the age of 41 will be a grandpa next year.I like sunsets,long walks on the beach(ah just kidding could not help myself). 

VeggieGirl --- 13 years ago -

One 8 yr old daughter, 3 fur babies. Husband is mil. This is my 2nd time living in the KMC and it's been a total of about 6 yr now. Vegetarian for 20 yrs. Love to travel, geocache, take photos, decorate cakes. My degree is in art history. Love visiting art museums. Aside from Adam, the owner, I was the first person on this site so I've been around for quite awhile. :) 

LongHorn --- 13 years ago -

Hello :) My name is Karen. I have been in the KMC area since 2002. I got stationed over here when I was active duty Army, and have since been transfered to a GS job. I live with my husband and our wonderful child a 2 year old Pruage Ratter. I love the color pink, and LOVE Britney Spears :) Umm I like to play Bunko, go bowling, travel, and try new things! Any questions PM me! 

HuskerFan --- 13 years ago -

What you see is what you get with me....I don't put on any airs, I speak whats on my mind. Things MOST important to me...God and family (to include my 4 legged family members). Was once AF Active Duty, now I am a supporting spouse. Been all over!! Been here for a while...LOVE Europe!!! Love to read, love to eat, love to bowl, travel, try new things, meet new people...like to debate...I KNOW that comes as a shock to some!! I am a Facebook junkie!!! 

jess.d --- 13 years ago -

im jess and and i have been in the area about 2 years..i am a southern girl (from alabama) and my happy place is the beach..any beach! i am married to my wonderful hubby and all that mushy stuff..im really outgoing and pretty laid back..i love the undergorund and must admit im addicted lol i go to school full time and work a civilian job full time plus my favorite job of being a military wife (which is not easy) :) i stay very busy but i love it! we dont have any kids yet but we have an awesome cat named marley ..i can be the nicest person youll ever meet but im loud and never turn down a good argument! oh and cheesecake flavored ice cream is my weakness :) 

HuskerFan --- 13 years ago -

JESS.D....ARE YOU BACK????!!!!!!
No you are not...I sent you a PM...LOLOLOL 

ashml --- 13 years ago -

I am ashml, if you actually know me you know what ashml stands for... I love reading, hiking, biking, movies and I just started Brown Bag Party Consulting. I was hoping to start a job in two months when I got back to the states but my son needs me the most. I have two sons one is 2 and the other is 4 months old. They are my life and I would die for them. My husband and I have been together 5 years married for 3. I can't think of anything else...but any questions feel free to PM 

Aubi4Life --- 13 years ago -

jess.d I must ask alabama or auburn? All I can say Is War Eagle! sorry Im from bama too 

jess.d --- 13 years ago -


M'lissa --- 13 years ago -

I'm M'lissa. We pcsed here a couple of months ago from Spangdahlem so have in been in Germany for over 3 years. We met there while I was in the AF. We have a 2yr old daughter and a little one on the way. I work part time at the KMCC and LOVE my job. 

anne --- 13 years ago -

Hi my name is anne. i live here in germany. we have been here two years as hubby is in the airforce. im a nanny and also a new stamping up consultant. im from england orignally but love it here in germany. 

AmyO --- 13 years ago -

Hi, i'm Amy. I've been in Germany for a couple of weeks, so still getting use to everything. Husband is in AF, we've been married for 13 years. We have 3 kids here with us, my oldest stayed in Alabama with his grandparents to finish his senior year of high school. Yes, I said Alabama. So that makes 3 of us from bama so far, also WAR EAGLE for us too. We have one dog, Dixie, she is my little princess. Some of my fav things to do are, geocaching, scrapbooking, playing cards, and bunko. Kids are into scouts, just haven't joined a new pack/troop here yet. Want to get settled first. Anything else, just ask. 

HuskerFan --- 13 years ago -

Anne....my CUPPA friend!!!
Nice to "meet" everyone!!!!!!
AmyO...I know of a really good Scout troop if you want contact info! 

AmyO --- 13 years ago -

Yes, please send me the info. Thanks! 

jess.d --- 13 years ago -

Yes, I said Alabama. So that makes 3 of us from bama so far, also WAR EAGLE for us too.

AMEN! lol i have met so many people from bama since i have been here! you will really be surprised how many of us there are :) i LOVE anyone form alabama lol 

Nicole --- 13 years ago -

Hello to all: My name is Nicole and we have been hear about 2 1/2 years and are about to leave :( My hubby is in the AF and we live in the Kusel county area. Some of the things I love to do is read, catch up on my tv shows, and meet new people :) No kids or pets yet. Getting ready to PCS around the end of the year and not looking forward to leaving Germany. Anything of interest you would like to know don't hesitate to PM me. 

Babygurl --- 13 years ago -

Hi everyone...I am crys. And me and the huband have been in Germany for 6yrs now. And this time around we have decided to go back to the states. We have 4 kids between us. My oldest who is 17 will graduate High School next year.(No I will not reveal my age...LOL) My daughter who will turn 15 in dec. worried me. hince why I have grey hair. And then there is my last one. All I can say is he is all boy. Both me and my husband are both from MOBILE,AL If you must know he is for bama. I am pulling for AUBURN! I am the only one...besides my daughter, that has the alabama twang accent...LOL Yes we are loud. And very verbal. The southern women have hot tempers. :) And we have to use our hands in order to speak...LOL We use the term, Bless your heart, often. If we call you hun or sweetie. It's not a term of endearment. It's a southern thang! I am a goof. So is the husband. He is army. And has been in for 6 yrs. We miss our southern fried cholestrol artery cloggin foods. And our famous Krispy kreme doughnuts. Want anymore info. about me. Well ask nicely...Ya'll have a pleasant 4-day weekend. Come again ya hear! Sorry couldnt help myself. 

Theresa --- 13 years ago -


Theresa --- 13 years ago -

My name is Theresa and it wont let me post more then a few words *sad face* 

CMS --- 13 years ago -

I'm C! Nice to meet y'all. I live in the KMC and am married to the Army. My husband has been in for 18 years, and we've been married for 13 and a half. We have a ten month old boy. I just lost the main person I used to do things with to Alabama, she pcs'd last week. I enjoy reading, shopping, just getting out and doing things. Ooh, and handbag bingo, lol. I sort of volunteer with the spouses group, and also go to school online (yes, horrible online universities, lol). 

HuskerFan --- 13 years ago -

OMGoodness........I am surrounded by Alabama folks....LOLOLOLOL....let me go check my teams (Husker and Longhorns) schedule to see if we meet up...cause if we do (squinching my eyes and shaking my fist at you all playfully)....LOLOL
Babygurl...I LOVE KK donuts....I am trying ot lose the weith I put on years ago when we were in the states and I had never had them before I went to the states...."discovered" them...was only in Ft. Worth 8 months...the folks there KNEW MY NAME i went there so much...LOLOLOL!!! 

CMS --- 13 years ago -

Mmm, did you ever have the bread pudding made with KK donuts? Mmmm... I made it one Christmas and it was SO GOOD. 

LongHorn --- 13 years ago -

@Jess.d, AmyO,Babygurl and asian_luv- I am from Alabama too! What part are you from? WAR EAGLE!! 

HuskerFan --- 13 years ago -

I'M SORRY...could not resist


Atticus Finch --- 13 years ago -


AmyO --- 13 years ago -

I'm from Selma. I lived in Sprott until I was 7, then we moved to Selma and I lived there until I was 20 and got married and moved away. I was just there for the last year and a half while my husband was deployed, so I got to enjoy all the stuff I have been missing all these years. The best part about being there was my kids got to experience life in the country, rednecks, 4 wheeling in the mud, and family. 

VeggieGirl --- 13 years ago -

AmyO - Yay! Another geocacher! :D If you have Facebook look up my group "Geocache KMC". Your also welcome to add me on as a friend on geocaching.com if you'd like. My caching name is XxNoMeatxX. 

Audrey --- 13 years ago -

I'm Audrey, and though I'm not from Alabama I've had the pleasure of living there twice - Montgomery. Been here just a few months with my AF husband and 2 children -- one in high school and one in elementary. Just gotta say, this is a good site -- you guys are fun to read. 

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